Reviews: Highmaul Raid PT.1

Raiding last night didn’t go as great as the last few runs. It could have been on account of a great many things. Which I suppose goes without saying. You can find the text logs for it here. Those of you that like a video can find it here until Twitch deletes it. Since tomorrow I’ll be posting my guides for Fantasy Life I’ll spend a bit of time today talking about the Highmaul Raid and my feelings on it so far.

from Wowhead.

from Wowhead.

Kargath is a bittersweet experience. I don’t really care for the character too much which meant that I didn’t much mind him being the FIRST fight. That said I do think it was a peculiar decision. They might have been better off having him be the second boss or having him not get outright killed this early in the expansion. He apparently has quite a following among wow players. The fight is pretty good. Generally speaking if you follow through with mechanics and don’t tunnel on him or the surroundings you should finish the fight.

For me the most ideal boss situation is one where the boss gives you a series of challenges that must be overcome. If those challenges are overcome the fight will inevitably end in your favor. The kind of fight I don’t like is one where RNGesus is the only thing standing between you and failure. It’s just not something I like and it was far FAR too prevalent in content previous. One bad spike of damage and it was all over for many groups.

I turn tokens into gold!

I turn tokens into gold!

The fight that is stereotypically done after Kargath is the Butcher. He’s a big ugly bastard with an absolutely fabulous apron. I’m so annoyed I can’t wear this apron you have no idea. It would be the best leather gear to ever drop. Ever. Period. Nothing else would come close.


In Warcraft there are fights called “Gear checks” which effectively are impossible to finish if you don’t have enough damage output in your party. For a bit this was the case for our little group but once you overcome that it then becomes a matter of paying attention. He requires coordination, usually between two or three people, while the rest of the party needs to be aware of their surroundings and how close other people are to them.

It’s pretty nice. I think he’s a funny character and the fight is fairly relaxing. That is until the last 30% of his life when things kick into dramatics. If you flinch for even a second he could wipe out 4 to 5 people in a single swipe. He’s also optional. If folks don’t think they can take him it doesn’t ruin the rest of the raid for them.

All in all pretty neat. Plus he looks spiffy in a Santa hat.

Derp face.

Derp face.

Then we have Tectus. I went from really hating Tectus to really really liking him. Tectus has so many fun little mechanics that really require people pay attention. But if you DO pay attention he’s pretty relaxing. He starts out being this invulnerable mountain that farts out deadly red dust. That dust chases after people and kills them or anyone else that ends up staying in it for longer than a second or two.

Additionally there are a couple ads in the first phase. They can be a pain in the ass and can also buff the boss so they need to be killed quickly. Amusingly the SMALLER of the two ads is the one that is bringing the hurt. Kinda reminds me of Anime. Always the little guy punching hippos around.

After you shatter him once two smaller versions of him rise in his place. They have the same moveset but weaker. Still now you have twice as many things to worry about. Twice as many spikes, twice as many freaking OHKO mountains shooting out of the ground, and two times the mountain fart. At this point folks focus down one of the two and then shit-gets-crazy. Five of them up at once.

That’s 5 OHKO mountains that block view, 5 streams of gas, and so forth. A good team can make this look effortless while a bad team can make this a nearly instantaneous wipe. It is a thing to behold and one of the high points of this raid.

Imagine this is Brackenspore

Imagine this is Brackenspore

I don’t have any screens of Brackenspore on me at this moment. I don’t like this fight. Brackenspore has far far too much life. I believe this fight was designed to stress out healers. Which is fine if you are a healer. As a DPS it is painfully boring. The ads that spawn aren’t interesting and all these seem to do is delay a long fight to unbearable lengths. I find myself wanting to do this fight about as much as I want to slam my head in a door.

It doesn’t help that he really drops nothing I care about.

One bit of positivity is that there is a neat flamethrower mechanic in this fight. Moss grows that will heal the boss at breakneck speed if it touches him. If you’ve ever wanted to fight something that just pisses you off. Get this guy to 1% then have moss spawn right under him because of poor luck, instantly healing him for hundreds of thousands of hit points in the blink of an eye.

Oh great! Not like I wasn’t already doing this fight forever…

Terrible fight. A black mark on an otherwise good experience. This fight is skippable at the very least.

However once you finish that you’ll have completed everything in the first section of this two part Raid. You can also potentially skip everything but Kargath. It’s all up to the group. I do recommend doing Brackenspore at least once in every difficulty I can’t really recommend him for anything else. I pity anyone that needs him for gear because fighting him is tedious. It’s not really hard, just long and boring.

Overall not too bad of a raid. It’s above average [2.5 being average, naturally] and it only goes up [quite a bit] from here in my opinion (as we get into the second wing)!

For anyone interested in my current yields from Highmaul you can find it in the link below:

Final Thoughts

Overall Score 3.3