Reviews: The Avengers

///Reviews: The Avengers

Reviews: The Avengers


The Avengers  Went and saw the Avengers today, it was, to put it succinctly, absolutely amazing. So much so that my comma fetish is springing up with intense fury in the very first sentence. There is honestly too much to say about it, too many problems with spoilers as well. I can’t even say all that much without just going line by line with what I loved.

This film is arguably one of the best Hero films ever made, perhaps one of the best films of its kind ever, and personally one of my favorite films of all time of any genre. The casting is flawless, I enjoy all the actors and I feel they each hit their marks. The new fella playing Bruce Banner is amazing. It’s almost insulting how good he is, because I know if I ever tried to play Bruce I’d never be able to pull it off that good. That dude has gone and ruined my dreams!

I doubt anyone reading this hasn’t already seen the film, it has made something like 90 trillion billion dollars and will likely spawn a trilogy set. As long as Joss Whedon is the director for all of them I will be watching each one and buying those suckers on some sort of data disc when available.

The reveal in the credits is exciting, I smiled ear to ear, which by that point was quite difficult. I had smiled so much throughout the film that my face was starting to hurt. I got tingles from my ears to my toes during fight scenes, panoramas, and anytime a “super hero world tech toy” popped up.

The dialogue was great, the characters were fantastic, the villain was hard to hate and utterly delightful (making his second return to the screen and, as far as I’m concerned, always welcome to come hang out). It’s remarkable how good the film is considering how often this genre fails, for every good Super Hero movie there are 3-5 mediocre or downright bad ones. I personally enjoy them all but that’s because I give them the world in terms of patience and acceptance.

This, however, required no pity. Whedon is so good at what he does, the urge to watch just about anything he’s had his hands on tapped at the back of my skull as the film played along. I can’t help but imagine how many times he had an idea and was pushed against by the money backing the film. So many broad ideas that I’d never expect to see on film were there, this was truly what happens when a passionate fan of comics and an ardent nerd gets a hold of a big budget and comic licenses.

During the film a kid came down to the ground level of the theatre and started play fighting with imaginary friends as the battles rang out on the screen, normally I’d have been livid with the situation but I totally understood.. If it had just been me in that theatre room I’d have been jumping around making sound effects and acting like a fool. That movie brought out the child in me and made me genuinely happy for longer than any film in recent memory. First Class was fantastic, and still is in my top 10 films, but this, I’m hoping he hasn’t reached the mountain top yet…but I’m just not sure how a better film can be made.

It’s not that I don’t think Whedon can do it, I just think his ideas must be terrifying for investors…perhaps less so now that he’s made a bundle of money.


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