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  1. JasonXtreme

    So I just tried this and some reason 3 of my characters died, prob because not enough AGI or something, which left my 1 character countering every attack doing almost 2k per hit and I killed him under 5 minutes ._.

  2. Joseph Oprysko

    The thing I found is that this will only work the first time/world you battle him in, in the second world he also uses Energy Burst, and it’s not restrictive like the Gravitas attack, I’m having a much harder time beating him the second time around. Anyone have any hints/guides for the second time around?

  3. Ganeic

    I just soloed the whole fight with a lvl 62 Ringabel only, Using the Divine Fists as a Weapon, All the traits above Including Turning Tables as well as knuckle lore and P.attack up 10% and Speed 10% up. As all other characters were dead, Ringabel could counter each and every of the Lords attacks finishing the fight in a matter of few minutes hitting around 4-5k each turn at 4x speed. I didn’t even manage to put my food in the microvave and finish it before the fight was done, it was certainly a seemingly redicilously effective strategy.

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  5. CoxTH

    He seems to be able to outspeed your characters sometimes, but it shouldn’t be problem, just make sure your “critical” character is fast enough (e.g by equipping him with Hermes Shoes), since Bone Crusher deals no damage to the other characters as long as they enter the battle with full health.

  6. Bruna

    I just tried that, my Agnés had 200 hp, and DeRosso used Gravija ¬¬
    He’s such a mean boss ;——;

    • I think this is an RNG deal. I’ve had him break his routine on me once with the strategy above but otherwise he’s always been consistent.

      A dragon did the same as well. It just randomly broke out of its routine and really confused me. Never saw it again.

  7. Austin Harris

    just did this today, party was all lv 52 and got kinda lucky because first turn he attacked one of my two heavy people so they survived, the utsusemi kicked in and then it went exactly as said. I also had counter amp on everybody, all in all it took about an hour since the only times he did a counter able attack it was on one of the two that could actually dish out some damage while also holding a light dealing weapon.
    Cheap? yes
    effective? double yes

    • Glad it worked!

      There is no shame in it being cheap to me. He was a cheap boss in the first place.

      Fighting fire with fire, as it were. It’s not the fastest but once you get beyond him and start power leveling in the next chapter you’ll be able to finish just about any boss fight in three to four turns (if you use the phoenix flight trick in one of my other posts).

      It’s smooth sailing after this guy! 😀

  8. R.Gridley

    If you let 3 party members die and keep the one at critical health, the aoe physical attack procs Transience as though it were a single target ability, turning 1/3 of turns damaging into 2/3 of turns damaging.

    • R.Gridley

      Actually, since he doesn’t use Gravija when you’re at critical health, all turns will be Transience damage turns.

      • Yeah this is specifically why you have at least one character at critical. He won’t (or shouldn’t) use Gravija if anyone is at critical health. He instead uses the crush move whose name is escaping me at this moment.

        But for sure it is much faster if everyone but one guy is dead :). Can’t argue there!

      • Jack Coldstone

        Late 50s when I beat the dragons. I was able to overcome him by slotting a few Speed +20s and equipping items like Hermes Sandals/Shoes.

        • Alright I’ll keep that in mind. I didn’t realize he could outspeed you with that move. I’ve just never had it go second but then again I pretty heavily grinded the game prior to him. I was incredibly annoyed when he wiped me out but pleased when the above strategy worked.

          Since that fight I’ve been steamrolling though. I suspect that that is the height of the challenge in the game. Which I can’t complain about, but we’ll see if there are more surprises near the end of the game (difficulty wise).

          Thanks for the update!

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