Rico’s Disgaea 4 Guide: Puppy Paw Stick

//Rico’s Disgaea 4 Guide: Puppy Paw Stick

Rico’s Disgaea 4 Guide: Puppy Paw Stick

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Oh crap…I don’t have my Vita with me. I’ll be right back. Just uh…just wait right there. Alright, game saving. Now to download these pictures. Well shit…I need content manager assistant first. Ok. Just one moment again.

This guide series is going to be a bit difficult because I need to explain multiple tips and tricks. If you reach a point where I say you need a frying pan and you don’t have one you can rest assured that an upcoming guide piece will tell you how to get that frying pan and I’ll update this post to link to it. With that out of the way lets talk about what you need!

1-1 Promotionhell Ticket!
Cheat Shop with Level Set to 20!
A Single Character with Impaler Drop.
Preferably a nice robust team of level 1000 characters. (More on this in a bit)
The 6th rank of Nekotama unlocked.
Discipline Room (More on this in a bit)
Tiny bit of Patience.

The first thing we need to do is get the Discipline Room! Without it this entire thing falls apart! Go into any level at all that has at least three enemies and throw those suckers anywhere you want. After the level you should see a request to pass a bill for the Discpline Room. Go pass that Bill and then place this little ditty down.


Once this is down put at least one of your characters in it. I put Stella down in it, if you don’t have a Save File from Disgaea 3 you won’t have access to her. You can put literally anyone here. The characters you get in the Post Game (the more psychotic ones) are your best options for these spots but really anyone can do it.

Next you’ll need to get both a team of 1000 characters and that 1-1 Promotionhell Ticket! I recommend doing this by slowly cranking up the EXP payout of your game. Then go stack some Nekotama on the 5-2 Level (Called Lost Dignity). Use your evil symbols to share EXP and Mana to help accelerate the leveling process. More on this in a future guide. But presuming you do it well you should have some characters that you now like that are a modest level 500 to 1000.

Take these characters with you into item world on a legendary rank item after setting up your cheat shop to look as close to this as possible.


Now just complete the item! Somewhere between level 1 and 100, presuming you’ve been hitting and activating every mystery gate along the way, you should find the Promotionhell vendor. These tickets cost something like a million a piece if I remember correctly (I don’t), but you should generate this kind of revenue just by playing through the item world. If you find the monsters are getting too hard you can drop the stars difficulty a bit but in general I find that if you complete every level you’ll be rocketing up in levels.

Also be sure to leave every 10 levels because this game sometimes crashes in the item world! It’s a nightmare to lose a ton of progress!

UPDATE: Alternatively you can set your voice acting to Japanese! It turns out its the English voice for (I believe) the final form of the Nekotama that crashes the game. So if you are in Japanese you can play all day and be safe! 🙂

Once you have that ticket move it to your storage (I don’t sell them, I’m not sure if you even can safely). You should notice a new NPC in your base!


Talk to her and pick the first level.


Once you pick this you’ll be greeted with a level 600 Nekotama in the smallest arena you’ve ever seen.


From here you want to take your spearman and use Impaler Drop on the Nekotama. I named mine Stabby.

Note where you'll end! Outside of the Arena :D.

Note where you’ll end! Outside of the Arena :D.

Next you want to haul ass over to the No Entry Block and hit end turn.


Once that is lifted you can move outside of the arena with one of your characters and lift the kitty.


Next you’ll want to chuck her into the base and clench your buttcheeks.


Victory! If you fail you can retry the level. I find that sometimes I lose and then retry and win without changing anything. It’s got a bit of RNG associated. Once you are sitting on 9,999 characters like me it never fails though… At any rate we’ll have a few more guides up soon after this that’ll teach you how to do that in a matter of minutes :).

Once you’ve caught the Nekotama go to the Nurse and heal. Then come back and do this again. Repeat up to 20 times if you so desire. Each time it should be easier than the previous time because you are adding a level 600 Nekotama to your group each time you succeed!

Once they are all gathered go talk to the new NPC you see in town from your Discipline Symbol.


Pick a Nekotama from the menu and get to disciplining!


The colored options vary in efficacy and are determined by the characters you put on the symbol squares. Some work better than others and generally the scarier they sound the better they work. Once you’ve done a few you should see the option to “Find Treasure”.

Leave the torture zone and save your game if you wish. I don’t really recommend save scumming because it felt slower to me but you can. After you save you can click find treasure. Once you do this a variable is locked into place. That variable is “Shit or Treasure” basically. If you open the treasure chest and its a shitty gift no amount of resetting will change this. If it’s a pirate ship part there is a >small< chance it'll be a Puppy Paw Stick if you save scum. But I don't recommend doing that because you can only get pirate ship pieces once. Each time you get one of them your odds of getting the PPS go up. It's an inevitability that only took me about an hour of playing (by then I had gotten nearly all the pieces too, if you were curious). 2014-09-03-204519

Now that you know where it is go there and get it! You don’t need to memorize it because Disgaea marks the level.



Rinse and repeat until you get the Puppy Paw Stick!

Next Disgaea 4 Guide will likely be about Maximum Duping! I’ll get you to 9999 within a day including the prep and then from there you can hit 9999 in a matter of minutes after that! Heck if you are quick with menus you could probably get to 9999 in under 2 minutes with my help :). But that’s all for now!

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