Rico’s Disgaea 5 Guide: Complete Platinum Trophy Guide

//Rico’s Disgaea 5 Guide: Complete Platinum Trophy Guide

Rico’s Disgaea 5 Guide: Complete Platinum Trophy Guide

It should go without saying that this post is going to have spoilers. So please don’t read over this until you’ve finished the main story. It’ll be much easier to do everything at that point, anyways.

I’ll do this in order of trophy rarity. For trophies that really require you do not much more than play, I’ll say as much. I don’t recommend trying to get them early, it’s just a waste of your time.


How to get [A Minor Set Back]:

This one is easy! Just lose! The good news is that you are returned to your exact state before you started the latest thing. Don’t get this in the item world as you lose everything since you entered. But you can get it quickly and easily in any mission. Alternatively, wait until you try to get the gold trophies for it to happen…a lot.


How to get [Capture Master]:

Equip the megaphone to the offhand of your main character. You’ll get this organically.


How to get [The First Alliance]:
How to get [Founding an Army]:
How to get [Some Kind of Gale]:

Finish these episodes. *Shrugs*


How to get [A Taste of Curry to Come]:
How to get [Fight in the Frozen Wasteland]:
How to get [Bloodis’ Big Secret]:
How to get [Practice Makes…?]:

Finish these episodes. *Shrugs*


How to get [The Heart of an Innocent]:
How to get [The Supreme One Throws Down]:
How to get [Our Daughter Is in Another Castle]:

Finish these episodes. *Shrugs*


How to get [Disaster Averted]:
How to get [Among the Flowers]:
How to get [One Is Better Than Two]:
How to get [You’re Gorgeous]:

Finish these episodes. *Shrugs*


How to get [The Ultimate Skill]:
How to get [Crisis Averted]:

Finish these episodes. *Shrugs*


How to get [Aren’t You Tired of It…?]:

Getting 100 days straight of curry is not as clear as I feel it should be. What you do is create a custom curry (through the first option) and then don’t eat it. Go do 100 fights, and it’ll say it has been stewing for 100 days. At this point you eat it and get the achievement. I highly recommend buying 100 thimbles from the weapon shop and putting those as your 4th ingredient. This will give you 100% critical attacks.

Additionally if you put elixirs in the first three slots you’ll heal SP and Mana every turn at a fairly high degree. Repeat this with the carnage versions of elixirs once you are in the post game for maximum awesome. Make sure to start a new brew the moment you eat your previous 100. That way once it runs out you’ve naturally fought another 100 fights and have your new 100 ready.


How to get [Demon Quest]:

You’ll get this just by unlocking all the classes via their quests. Also the challenge modes that’ll be necessary in a later achievement.


How to get [Geo Master]:

Generally completed while in the item world. Once you find a map with 5 or more geos just set the clear one as far from the others as you can and break one of the others that does not match the color it is on. The best time to do this is on a level with encroach, you can just wait a few turns until the entire map is one color. Bring a Sage with you in case you get an invincibility geo. Her Geo Blast skill will break through that.


How to get [Gimme a Trophy!]:

This trophy costs 50,000 mana in the assembly. You can generally get it extremely easy in the post game. Once you are preparing for the carnage dimension you can just finish this in a turn or two with your uber sage.


How to get [Gooooooaaaaaallllll!]:

Finish a single run of the Chara World. Pretty easy.


How to get [Greater Netherworld]:

To achieve this you need to subdue 100 prisoners and then choose the “Make Citizen” option. Very simple. I don’t know if there is any purpose to them. Additionally there are a series of citizen quests you can turn in by completing this. Free items.


How to get [I’ve Got a Netherworld in My Pocket]:

This one was kind of tricky for me. Basically on the “Execute” or “End Turn” Menu there is ALSO a “Fight NW” or “Drop NW” option just beneath them. It costs 1 bonus level and will summon your netherworld OR destroy your opponents netherworld during an invasion in the item world. Either way, kinda handy. I got the drop bonus that gave +50% EXP and was a fairly happy man.


How to get [Love with an Iron Fist]:

Once you’ve completed the Life Support Unit (Which I highly recommended in this guide), you can do this by press [] in your base. Just punch someone 100 times. I did it on accident because I’m apparently an asshole.


How to get [Making It Rain]:

Just pay off bills for a while. Very Easy, best done after you’ve earned the One Percenter achievement below.


How to get [Netherworld Night Live]:

Each time you finish a mission leave the mission select screen and go back to base. Almost every single time you’ll see people with ! over their head. Alternatively in the top left of your screen (top right?) you’ll see a list of faces that show you they are up for a conversation. Most of these are funny and some even give important side story information. Once you’ve done 20 you are done. There are a shit ton though, so this’ll happen fast.


How to get [Netherworld Solutions]:

You’ll likely get this the same time you get the trophy from passing the trophy bill. Just pass a bill that is unlikely to pass, and then beat the assembly’s ass to make them change their mind. Easy!


How to get [Seasoned Rocket Rider]:

If you were researching while grinding out levels you likely already finished this. I recommend researching places and then giving them up (presuming they found you a new place). Repeat this until you get to rank 38/39 netherworlds. Here you should start finding good gear. This is one of the ways you can find the legendary gear necessary for item world leveling and advancing. It also levels your characters really fast, I can’t recommend it enough.

I don’t see much reason in fighting the overlords before you get to the highest ranks of the research. It takes up time you could be spending doing other fun stuff. (Just note that defeating the overlord destroys the netherworld they own, guarantees you a legendary rank drop though).


How to get [Plip! Plip!]:

If you are a spaz like me you’ll get this while hopping around your base in between missions. It comes naturally.


How to get [Netherworld War Victory!]:

During the item world you’ll sometimes get invaded by other netherworlds. Defeat them to get this. I recommend using the “Fight NW” option in your menu once you have one bonus level as well. You earn parts for decorating your netherworld that way!


How to get [Switching to Overload]:

Once your character goes into Overload Mode just pick the Overload option. Easy peezy. You probably already did it.


How to get [Take a Chill Pill]:

Happens extremely fast when you are leveling with a tower attack. I had this before I even left episode 3.


How to get [This Calls For Teamwork]:

When you attack someone within melee range, beside a partner, you’ll see a list of faces for everyone adjacent to you and the % chance they’ll join you in the attack. Just trigger one of these attacks to finish this. Again, you probably already have this.


How to get [The Water Feels Nice]:

This is a random event that happens in the item world. Once you find the hot springs just talk to the sign on the right and it’ll give you a prompt. Say yes, and BOOM, trophy.


How to get [We Have a Winner!]:

Happens somewhat organically. MUST happen if you want to get Bonus Master.


How to get [Would You Like the Combo?]:

This one is best achieved on a custom map. I highly recommend the map of PSN player “Thedah”. Just search for their name and rejoice at how handy their level is.


How to get [A Legend in this Hand]:

The easiest way to do this is to make sure that the item you drop down into (not in Carnage Dimension) is one that your current playable character (the avatar you see walking around) has 100 skill in. I “think” it might just be 80 skill, but be safe and go with 100. You will eventually see a random event where the legendary version of that item is floating in the center of a room. Walk up to it and talk to it. If you’ve got the skill required it’ll give it to you and you’ve now got your achievement.

In Carnage Dimension it’s a bit more complicated, I don’t actually know off hand what the requirements are in that case.


How to get [Bonus Master]:

You should have a lot of “Filler” items in your inventory by now. These will raise your bonus gauge between .5 and 3 levels per use (it says how much on each of the different kinds of items). The most efficient way to do this is to start from the last level that has a One Time Bonus and work backwards. First try and finish the level in a single turn with your sage using Land Decimator. If that gets you to rank 9, GREAT!

If it doesn’t, make a note of how far it got you. Then raise your rank to at (or one level above) the difference between that and 9. So let’s say your Sage netted you 6 ranks off the LD. Retry the level and raise your rank to 3 or 4 before having her do it again. This will help you use the least number of fillers to get your 50 ranks.

I found that I could do about half of them with just the LD because the later levels are packed with baddies.


How to get [Class Master]:

This is best done once you have unlocked the Carnage Dimension. Check below for how to do that. But once you have, raise your star ranking to 20. Drop into a carnage useable, you can acquire these from the alchemy shop at this point. A Sardine would be my recommendation, for literally no reason besides going in a fish is funny.

On each level look for a geo or a chest. If you find a chest, run over to it with your thief (which you should have) and use thief key. This SHOULD net you near, or completely, ranks 1 through 6 on that class. If you see a geo, run over to it with your Sage and use Geo Blast. Again, this should net you all your ranks. Each time one of your two characters caps out a subclass, gency out, change their subclass, and jump back in.

This is additionally helpful because once you cap out a character you can reincarnate them, add them to the elite 4, and level them to 9999. If you do so you’ll find that they end up with 10 million base stats at level 9999. In later stages of the game you can cap out job classes on characters simply by making 4 Foxes (the nine tails kitsune), and magic changing them onto your sage in the Asagi Level (2~3 stars minimum). Each run will cap out a class, that’s 4 characters at a time. You’ll end up with a ton of 10 million stat characters then. Grats!


How to get [I Love Board Game Night!]:

As you complete Character World you’ll unlock quests that, upon completion, unlock the next difficulty of the Character World. Repeat this process until you’ve unlocked the Super Overlord difficulty. The easiest way to beat this is to just use items. Use your Forward By Lots to make it through the level extremely fast, and use your battle dice (or evasion dice) to easily defeat your spirit (which will beat your ass for a while until you are stronger).

Very simple, I did it many, many, levels before I probably should have.


How to get [Item Polisher]:

Pretty easy, just set an item to item level mode (which can be done by talking to the Bunny Demon at the Innocent Town after the first 10 levels). Then just use fillers, pick up fish, and destroy level spheres until you hit level 500. This has the added benefit of likely getting the item to rank 94! Which will be helpful in a few trophies from now.


How to get [One Percenter]:

Using the Plunder skill while leveling items in the Carnage Dimension will net you this so fast it’ll make your head spin. Each item you steal will sell for a minimum of millions.


How to get [This Belongs in a Museum]:

To get this you must have an item at rank 100. The item you leveled to 500 above should be nearly there, just use the item assembly to raise the rank by 5 a couple of times and BAM! Personally I did this on a Pie because I’m smart.


How to get [To Carnfinity and Beyond]:

You unlock this by completing the challenge map quests from the quest giver. There will be one for every main episode in the game. Once you’ve completed them you’ll be tasked with fighting on a special map against some Carnage Demons. They are somewhat challenging but I believe you should have the Asagi Mission by now which means you can easily trounce them with your beefed up characters. [Check out the inevitable late game leveling guide of mine if you are stuck here.]


How to get [Unlosing Ranger Status]:

Occasionally a giant boss monster called Proto Darkdeath will appear in the Item World. In the Carnage Dimension he is nigh unstoppable, but in the regular Item World he’s extremely manageable once you’ve got a character with 10 million stats (likely well before there, even, but I like to keep things simple). Just defeat him and BOOM, trophy.


How to get [Where the Levels End]:

You can achieve this either by grinding the Martial Training world or the Asagi Level. Either way you’ll do it fairly organically post game. Breeding up 900 statisticians is highly recommended. Their 9x exp bonus plus your cheat shop will make this pretty quick. Eventually you’ll be strong enough to get a character to 9999, with the Asagi level, and the Elite Four Debuff, in all of a minute or two.


How to get [Damage-oholic]:

What you need:
Thedah Map
Sage with 10 Million Stats and +9 Tera Star.
Usalia Magic Changed onto Sage.
Kitsune Magic Changed onto Sage
4 Celestial Hosts Adjacent to the Sage.
Professor with +9 Intelligence Buff
+100 Thimble Curry (This works in tandem with Gambler)

The following Evilities on the Sage:
Bullying (comes from Imp Mastery)
Bushido (Comes from Lady Samurai Mastery)
Concentration (Comes from your Sage)
Double Attack (Comes from Twin Head Mastery)
Gambler (Comes from Character World, took me about 5 runs of Demon Rank to find it at the end)
Mass Blaster (You already have this)
Violence (Get it by completing Chara World with Void Dark, and turning it into a useable scroll at the end)

Setup your Sage diagonal to the Archer. So that the archer is between them and the starting point.
Magic Change Usalia and the Kitsune onto the Sage.
Surround the Sage with the Celestial Hosts.
Place the Professor so that the order goes archer, celestial host, and then professor in a line (so that they are in range to attack, presuming they are holding a staff, less important if they have a bow or gun).
Have the professor buff the Sage.
End Turn.
Next turn have the Sage, and all 4 Celestial Hosts, queued up to attack the archer.
Queue up the Sage to use a +9 Tera Star following this.
Earn Achievement.

Thedah was kind enough to make a video to show how to do this:


How to get [Dimensional Devestation]:

Defeating Carnage Void Dark is a bit of a challenge. He’s an asshole but you can kill him with the Sage you just used on the previous achievement. Admittedly I’m about to use a DLC character in my explanation but you don’t need to. She just makes things a little faster and easier.

What you need:
Sage with roughly 27 million stats and +9 Tera Star.
Evilities on the Sage:
Mass Blaster
Greedy Disposition
Twin Heads
Fatal Slash (For the adds in turn 1)
Weaken Life

Pass the 20 Deployments bill and pass the unlimited Magic Change Bill. No need for surprises.

MC Metallia, and 3 other monsters onto your Sage. Technically Usalia would be great here, I forgot about her.

Land Decimation Once.
End Turn.
Defend and Turn Around. He’ll teleport behind you.
You should survive this attack and get a buff from Weaken Life.
Move your Sage back two squares.

Bring out your Professor and cast +9 Intelligence Buff on her (keep your Professor off to the side, out of the way of adjacent squares).

Next surround your Sage with all 4 of your angels.

If your void dark has Revenge Mode on, place him beside Carnage Void Dark, stand Christo beside him, trigger his overload, and then hit the boss for 0. You’ll cause Carnage Void Dark to skip a turn. Rejoice! If you don’t have this, continue regardless.

Bring a maid out and place her two squares behind your Sage. Your sage is probably reeling from that first hit. Throw a Carnage Elixir on your Sage. She’s now at max health.

Cast Tera Star +9 on the boss. He ‘may’ retaliate. If he does, NBD, you might have lost an angel worst case scenario.

Cast Morning Tea [Whatever it’s called] to give your Sage a second attack.

Cast Tera Star +9 on the boss.

Return all your angels to storage.

End Turn.

Next turn, place all your angels back around the Sage.

Cast Tera Star +9 x 2 because of Twin Heads.

Cast it again.

If the boss is still up, cast Tea on your Sage again.

Hit him 2 more times (x2) for the win.


Now you have a fancy new Evility that lets you drain stats from bosses and a fourth unique evility spot!


How to get [Vengeance Complete]:

Earn all the trophies above.

You did it!

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