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Rico’s Disgaea 5 Guide: Mid Game Power Leveling

This guide will take you through the process necessary to quickly and easily beat the story. After this my other guides will about be about furthering your experience and finishing up the post game material. Think of them as kind of a platinum guide but not entirely, maybe I’ll literally write a trophy guide. Once you’ve put a little bit of time into the Early Game Power Leveling you should find yourself flying through a fair portion of the game. But let’s say you DID get stuck somewhere. Well, if that’s the case, then [Demunshroom – Rustling Bacteria] and [Toto Bunny – Cooperation Plaza] are for you! [Note: Don’t forget to be constantly sending out people on research missions! This will net you very high rank gear while you grind!]

I’ll start with Demunshroom because it has the coveted level 99 option available and its earlier.

Handy image is handy.

Handy image is handy.

If you spent a fair bit of time in my first guide that likely means that you are around level 80 or so. Perhaps higher if you were a patient person. With that in mind you’ll want to crank up your cheat shop to 16 stars. Why? Because this will put the shrooms in this level at level 99. I’ll explain why that is helpful soon.

Don't forget you did this when you get back to the game. Or else you'll be in for a nasty surprise at higher levels.

Don’t forget you did this when you get back to the game. Or else you’ll be in for a nasty surprise at higher levels.

Once you’ve done this you’ll utilize the same tower method that we did in the first guide. This level requires a small amount of throwing to complete. But even with that in mind there is a long standing bug (intentional at this point) with Disgaea. Level 99 mobs give the same amount of experience as something roughly around level 300. With this you should be able to level to 200 in no time.

While you are doing this, if you’ve unlocked it, I highly recommend selecting the pirate as your subclass for your main character. This is because you can learn [Plunder] from it. Plunder turns all your attacks into puppy-paw stick attacks! This means that you’ll have a 30% chance to steal a random item off of every, single, baddie you kill. Additionally if you place the megaphone in your offhand you’ll have a 30% chance to capture every, single, baddie you kill. Combine these two on your main and you’ll never be low on items or prisoners again!

Here is the stats of the level 99 shroom, in case you aren’t sure how you stack up.

Not terribly high. Thankfully, don't forget poison vaccine. In general you should have that on everyone for most of the game as it's your only real weakness.

Not terribly high. Thankfully, don’t forget poison vaccine. In general you should have that on everyone for most of the game as it’s your only real weakness.

Let’s say that this wasn’t enough for you. You need a place to really get to the upper echelons of crazy before the post game. Well, unfortunately, I won’t be able to get you into the quad digits that will be happening once the game is over. Not without effort, however before then there is one more level that is worth grinding. Do this level once you are confident you can take on the mobs at 20 stars!

With a name like that I just knew...

With a name like that I just knew…

Once loaded up you’ll see a very nicely laid out level that can be completed extremely fast. With big bang, or magic, and the boot camp, you can grind out new characters as well as old in as little as a single turn!

Stats for reference.

Stats for reference.

And that’s that! You should easily, by a wide margin, be able to nearly solo everything from now until the end of the main story. I hope you enjoy it! (I know I did)

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