Rico’s Philosophy – Voting

//Rico’s Philosophy – Voting

Rico’s Philosophy – Voting

  I’ve been thinking about voting lately. It’s one of those things that I would have thought would have gotten easier with the increase of information trafficking. But as with many kinds of trafficking there is a lot of illicit activities going on that just screw with people royally.

  Every single person on this planet shares at least one idea with every single other person on this planet. There is no question about that, I’d be willing to argue that this is true from the second that the brain of a fetus fires. It would be a trivial argument and wouldn’t help anything else that will be following in this post but I’m up for arguments. At any rate lets move on.

  The error, I think, in voting is that we assume that because we share a belief with a person that this implicitly means that they are fit to run for office. “Well we both don’t like taxes and love [insert faith], they are perfect!” or much worse “Well they are a [insert political party] so I should vote for them.” In either of these cases a person is elected that is more than likely not fit for the position, they aren’t even fit to run for those that voted for them. The people who voted for them will inevitably complain and those who didn’t will be in a rage because the politician has by now likely put into play some terrible idea that should have never ended up coming to pass.

  I have a possible solution that I would like to put forth. Do not vote for people that have share things you like, instead examine their beliefs, the things they done, and the things they wish to do and ask yourself if the worst traits they have are things you could live with. “Sure. He hates taxes but he’s also pro-baby rape. Am I cool with that?” If you can look at their worst traits and still find yourself liking them then surely vote for them.

  I suspect if we all did this that people like those winning tea party spots would not get elected. Many Democrats and many Republicans would not either.  This is a good thing, if we all vote for people who at their worst are okay with us then we’ll be left with a governing body that at it’s worst is ok with us. I admit immediately this is utopian and has flaws, like people lying, but that is the positive of the information age. Few people can get away with complete secrecy.

  So in 2010, or 2012, or any future election, examine the person you like and see if the worst parts of them are things you could still live with happily. This is much the same advice I’d give for marriage, which is an equally important thing. Politics may seem trivial but in the end these choices effect every single facet of our lives, from faith, to education, to health, and even to what we can do in our own homes. This is one of the most serious parts of our entire life and yet the response of the population is far and away from what it should be.

  I suspect this is because of a poor choice system, choosing people who share a few common interests have incredible demons in their closets (worse than skeletons :O), and it feels as though no amount of voting changes anything. Perhaps with this, we can take a step forward, and begin building an infrastructure that at it’s absolute worst would be like a temperate day. Not exactly hot, not exactly cold, but comfortably live-able.

  So that’s my new system. I hope you like it and if you like it I hope you give it a shot for at least one series of voting. If we start doing this every election time we’ll begin to evolve politics itself, it’s a gradual process but it’s a naturally positive one.

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