I have a random thought for the day. Something to mull over if you find yourself bored. How interesting would it be if we lived in a world where you were rewarded and expected to routinely change jobs? Each time you mastered a field you would move onto a new one, in this way creating a population of people skilled at multiple trades and creating a safety net in case any particular issue demands a group of people with that expertise.

  I’ve just noticed in games that I tend to take my characters through every profession and mastering all the options. I end up with a team that can do anything well.

  Just a thought, as someone who even studied broad subjects, I’m biased, I just like the idea of diversity in thought and action. Railroading yourself into one thing for the rest of your life just seems quite sad unless it is something you truly love, and in those cases I don’t know if I’d consider it a job anymore.

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