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   So apparently the internet is a bit abuzz about Rihana smoking a tree branch sized joint with Snoop Dogg. If you don’t know who either of these people are it doesn’t really matter, but just keep in mind that both of them are famous. I have nothing bad to say about either, Rihanna has a strong voice and I’m quite certain Snoop Dogg is the world’s greatest Dungeon Master.

  What bothers me is the uproar, firstly because she couldn’t have picked a less harmful drug to be partying with, its not my thing but I just can’t see any sort of drama with it. But secondly, and more importantly, is the idea that she is supposed to be a role model.

  No. Celebrities are not role models, period. You cannot force someone to be a role model, if someone says they want to be then I suppose they should be held to a higher standard until they change their mind, but for everyone else this is not acceptable. The only people who should be expected to be role models in a child’s life is their parents. Celebrities have a job, usually unrelated to being famous, they sing, they dance, they cook, or they act. Just because they got famous while doing these things does not mean other people get to expect more of them.

  This is moronic, everyone is human, we all have desires and vices. To expect someone to suddenly not have them just because they happen to be more talented than you is moronic. Michael Phelps? He worked his whole life to be an exceptional swimmer, he won medals possibly while being high, that should have earned him another medal (frankly). People who got up in arms about him using drugs and being a poor role model are themselves terrible role models, if any of these folks have kids they should evaluate their life and start making changes.

  A celebrity should not be a baby sitter for your children’s morality. Video games shouldn’t be used as a crutch, candy shouldn’t be used as a reward, and television doesn’t help children learn (Sesame Street being the only scientifically supported exception).

  Stop blaming other people for critical failures in parenting. If a child ends up down a path of self destruction it is not the fault of a 140 lb. pot smoking Dungeon Master. (Again, much respect, I say this as a compliment, I love me some DND.)

  I realize life is hard, there are lots of variables, its not always completely the fault of the parents, but it is never, ever, the fault of some “role model” living in the television.



Lets get our roll on…no seriously, where are your D20’s? – Snoop

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