Satoru Iwata ~ December 6, 1959 to July 11, 2015

I don’t think most folks are aware that Iwata was more than a CEO. He was, and remained, a very talented developer throughout his career. It is a rarity in my experience that you have a leader that has first hand knowledge in the industry that they are now leading. He loved video games, he made video games, and he lead his company with that passion. It is something we are missing desperately in all sorts of industries.

Business degrees should be secondary degrees that are built on the back of some greater passion. It is unlikely that we will ever see this come to fruition but we can at least enjoy it when it happens.

He will be sorely missed. 55 is far too young an age for anyone to die. Not much else to say. The gaming community will be a great deal lesser with his passing. His legacy will be a long line of wonderful games and millions of smiles.