Saturn and its Hexagon Hair

//Saturn and its Hexagon Hair

Saturn and its Hexagon Hair

Yesterday was one of those wonderful maintenance days. I stayed late while a network switch was replaced. As a result yesterday was without a post and super boring for everyone. But that’s quite boring so I won’t talk about it much more. Also to be more honest Venus is lying beside me and she doesn’t appreciate when I am typing and not petting her.

Ah the luxury of being royalty.

So I like to think I know things, that my brain is inundated with some large number of data bits. But this morning I came across something so magnificent that I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it until now. Many of us know what Saturn looks like a beautiful dusty sphere surrounded by shimmering bands of space rock. But how many people reading this know about what is going on at the North Pole?


  In case you forgot…here is a picture.

  Apparently a marvelous thing is going on at the pole, something that we’ve never seen in nature (Clouds being Hexagons that is) on the Earth. The clouds at the North Pole of Saturn have formed a friggen Hexagon.


Apparently they have figured out how to create this phenomena in a lab, however I haven’t read enough about it yet. But I’ll be coming back to this and frankly you should google it, learn about it. This is a marvelous thing. Imagine how many clouds you’ve seen in your life, tens of thousands easily, how many of those made Hexagons?

It’s a strange thing it is a marvelous thing, and it is going on one one of the most well known masses in space. I’m honestly stunned that I didn’t know about this and this is one of the reasons I love life so much. There is no end to new things to learn and if you manage to learn a new thing each day, no matter how small, you’ve had a successful day I think.

Also to start you off on your adventure:

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