SC2 Lost Viking Achievement – Completed but still terrible.

//SC2 Lost Viking Achievement – Completed but still terrible.

SC2 Lost Viking Achievement – Completed but still terrible.

I’ve got an awful lot of posts to catch up on! So with that in mind we’ll start today by chatting about the Lost Viking Achievement.This is the achievement that most people don’t seem to get on Wings of Liberty and for good reason. It basically demands that you play a very shallow shoot em’ up three entire times. This is agonizing for most people to just complete once and represents a kind of achievement that I find very nasty. It’s one where the challenge is not, in any way, fun. Nor, really, challenging. It just exists as some kind of test of endurance to see who hates themselves enough to complete it.

Clearly I do. I’ll explain to you quickly how to do it, for those stuck.

Firstly you’ll want to press the spacebar as quickly as possible. Your ship will fire basically as fast as you can click. If you have a gaming keyboard you can assign this to a macro, it won’t get you banned. This can be good also because if you are anything like me your hands will get tired mashing that button for 45 minutes to an hour. Which, unfortunately, is about how long this feels like it took. I don’t have exact numbers.

The next thing is that you want to get the fully upgraded red weapon and fully upgraded drones. These two should carry you through the entire game. The drones provide homing missiles and act as additional shields. If you have two of them you can take three hits before you die. Try and always keep these topped off. Once you’ve done this you’ll want to put all your time and energy into the bombs. At my maximum I got to around 30 bombs. Each powerup you pickup is 500 points and should not be avoided for any reason. The only exception is switching from the missile weapon to the laser. The laser is good on one thing, the bosses and frankly you shouldn’t need it on them.

If at any point you screw up and find yourself about to take damage use a bomb to negate it. The only things in game that this likely won’t stop are the second bosses crush attack, the third bosses laser beam and laser saw attack, and finally the awkward random addition of laser fences to stage three on your second (and further) playthroughs.

Otherwise it’s literally just about mashing that space bar and occasionally moving left or right. Very monotonous and about as fun as punching yourself in the groin. But Blizzard added it for some reason, I guess. I can’t fathom why.

Hooray! I'll never play this again! :D

Hooray! I’ll never play this again! 😀

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