Should you drink Coffee?

//Should you drink Coffee?

Should you drink Coffee?

For about four years, maybe closer to five, I was experiencing incredible muscle pain. I would be in so much agony that I would have trouble driving and would sweat profusely. I still have some soreness from this period and occasionally I have “flares”. It’s not centralized to any location and it is a pain I can barely describe. Doctors have found no cause for it besides stress and have had few, if any, suggestions in the past. It is what it is. But there is one thing that caused it to be much, much worse. That one thing is coffee. This for me was an incredibly unfortunate discovery because the mental clarity that coffee gives me is incredibly joyous.

I can think faster and clearer with a hit of caffeine. I was told that if it causes me great pain I should probably not drink it. Over time I think I’ve figured out the connection between coffee and my pain. The one negative that this drink has for me is that it takes my brain, an organ that already never shuts off, and puts it into overdrive. This is problematic when you are someone with a generalized anxiety disorder. The more anxious I am the more pain I am in. This is as true now as it was in the past, I’m just much less anxious now than I used to be.

Whenever I hear about studies like this I am made fairly happy. Because I know that my decision to consume coffee is not one that has left me with irreparable damage. If anything I might have improved my life by drinking it both mentally and physically. It’s cool stuff and a solid excuse to continue drinking this dark drink. Additionally I don’t put any sugar in my coffee, the almond milk I add has 0 grams of sugar, and the calorie increase still puts me far below anything you can buy from just about anywhere.

Good times, and good news.

So yeah, drink up, still in moderation but only because you probably are adding sugar :p.

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