Skeletal Dating (Undertale)

So I am uncertain of if I can do this more times in the game but I’ve basically accomplished the thing I wanted to do in the game. Namely going on a date with sexy skeleton. The volume on my microphone was way too low. But these videos are unlisted, so such is life. I may continue playing the game but I’ll admit I’m not super interested right now. Much like “Souls” games, I found myself playing it just because everyone told me I was supposed to.

But unlike Bloodborne, I’m not necessarily having a great time right now. It’s not a bad game, and the date had me smiling from beginning to end. But otherwise, I just don’t know. I’ll do what I can to finish it, the game only takes about 5 hours each time you go through it (I hear). But, yeah, I dunno. Sexy Skeleton is great, will most certainly get a figure of him one of these days. The narrative as a whole is entirely disinteresting to me, unfortunately.