Sleep or a Lack thereof

//Sleep or a Lack thereof

Sleep or a Lack thereof

So I tried to get to bed on a specific time for the last few weeks and I’ve failed miserably. I’m ultimately not too upset about it, I keep trying to find regimens to draw my attention away from the various things that plague my mind, even when I fail I still feel like there is something gained. I learn new things about myself and in some fashion or another I make progress. I’ve been playing a lot of Metal Gear, which has been the main reason I’ve been awake at night. It’s a wonderful game, one of the best I’ve ever played. It helps me to see problems and try to overcome them, challenges that are not always immediately obvious in their solution.

I’m going to get back into my own life project as well. Some time away from it has allowed me to discover new ideas, at least one thanks to the metal gear phone app, and their application into my game will be great.

I’ve not much else to say, tomorrow is going to be an early day. For now though, I’ll have Quiet put a few more villages to sleep. I’ll end up thoroughly jealous of how quickly and easily they drift off into the emerald dream.

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