Sleepy Thursday

//Sleepy Thursday

Sleepy Thursday

Windows 10 has largely installed without any issues. I’ve noticed I had to renew my unity license and then I needed to reinstall Visual Studio. This isn’t the end of the world and for the most part I’m genuinely surprised that so little seems to be broken. Warcraft works just fine. I’m not sure if I’ve noticed any performance increases with games yet but there certainly hasn’t been a decrease.

I might do a run through of the games I own and see if I notice any kind of dramatic performance change.

Overall I like the OS and I’ll be using OblyTile to give my start menu a nice new coat of paint!

That’s all…I’d have more to say but I’m a walking corpse right now. Going to get a few solid night’s sleep and see if I can get my sleeping schedule back on track.

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