Small thoughts on Agent Carter.

//Small thoughts on Agent Carter.

Small thoughts on Agent Carter.

Today we make the grand mistake of posting from a phone. Caught up on Agent Carter today. I really like it but I do think it avoids one stereotype and shamelessly promotes another.

Men seem genuinely unable to respond to pretty women in it. Thralls to their beauty.

I get it, the show wants to empower women. But I think you can do it without making men act like fools. I’m not personally offended as a guy. I am a bit offended as a viewer and a fan.

Audiences are smart enough to handle real people. Bigotry of any person minority or not is not necessary. I also don’t think that its “OK” when you point and laugh at “the man”. When people do this they end up becoming the monster they loathe.

Like the villagers coming after Frankenstein’s monster. Oblivious to the reality around them.

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