Social Ties and Workplace Parties

//Social Ties and Workplace Parties

Social Ties and Workplace Parties

Today we had a celebration at our company. I can’t tell you what about, suffice it to say new details about Bigfoot are imminent in the scientific community. Regardless of what incredibly secret discoveries that may or may not have happened the ultimate conclusion to those events was the party. We had it at a local brewery that has food and drinks. You might be saying to yourself “Both!” I know, I’m shocked too.

America, what a place.

We got there using Uber. A service that I find to be absolutely stunning in most every regard. I’ll likely write about it more tomorrow when I’m better rested. What I’m here to talk about in short order is socializing. I’m pretty good with certain environments. Work environments, competitive environments, and best of all quiet environments. Drop me in the middle of the world’s largest library with supplies and eternity and I’ll spend it a happy happy man.

I do find that the place I work lease well is where alcohol is concerned. The volume controls on people who are drinking tend to slip pretty quickly. Everyone shouts everything and it becomes incredibly taxing for me. Especially right now because my right ear has been hurting for a few days. If it keeps up for much longer I will go get it checked. Doesn’t appear to be getting worse which is usually a good sign.

That combination of sore ear and loudness really did a number on me though. By the end of the party I was completely exhausted. When the offer arose to slip out of the party I jumped on it like Mario on a Goomba. Such is life I suppose. It’s important to build up social ties. Those connections matter more than all the skill in the world. You will get much farther in life by who you know than what you know. If anyone tells you otherwise they are either keeping the reality a secret or they don’t quite realize how much easier their life could be.

It isn’t unfair, we are social creatures. Though we might deny that we are beastial, those most primal of our natures are what drive us most. We might not be able to admit it outwardly but our subconscious is always judging. It picks out the quiet ones, those least likely to drink and shout, and it wonders.

What are they hiding?

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