Some thoughts on the elegance of Majora’s Mask

//Some thoughts on the elegance of Majora’s Mask

Some thoughts on the elegance of Majora’s Mask

I don’t know how to really convey just how much I appreciate the design of Majora’s Mask. The 3DS remake that just hit (that I am finally playing) really puts a polish on all the things that I already liked about the game. It looks great, it sounds great, and it plays great. Nearly every design in the game is just spot on fantastic. There is so much character and life to the game. Even the main villain is fascinating to me. How many games have you played where the main villain is carting around a victim? Like something out of Harry Potter (or should I say Harry Potter is like something out of Zelda).

The mask consumes its host and makes them its thrall while they wear it. That’s so great. Plus the skull kid looks fantastic with it on. I got the version of the game that comes with the little statue and I love it. The sculpt is great, the painting on it is great, and even the size is impressive. It has a bit of heft to it too. I tend to value objects based on their weight, maybe not entirely but it certainly plays into it. Light things feel cheaper to me usually. Like there is too much air in them or something.

I’m sure I’d be all for a neutron star as a gift if it wouldn’t kill me. I might write a review proper for it, depending on what my brain decides is acceptable, but the shorthand of it is that you should probably own it. Majora’s Mask is a friendly reminder of what games can be. With the gaming space filled to the brim with cataclysmically bad games it is somewhat calming to see something this good floating around.

Even if the plot involves a moon crashing into a planet and murdering everyone on it. That mixture of life and death that make up MM are part of what makes it special.

Anywho, between that and finding out about the secret unlockable in Hyrule Warriors newest DLC…my zelda fix is looking good.

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