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Something new

  I broke my darn keyboard. So now I find myself typing on an incredibly loud mechanical one. This thing feels amazing, the feedback on my fingers is delightful but it sounds like a woodpecker beating on an aluminum pipe! Ah well, I have a new keyboard coming in from Corsair. I almost always go with Logitech but I wanted to branch out and try something new.

  Speaking of which I’m trying to gain weight. It’s remarkably difficult for me, I don’t eat much. I used to think it was just a personal thing and that perhaps I was broken. I stumbled across r/Fitness on Reddit and to my surprise this is just something that happens to some skinny people. What I found most alarming was just how few calories I do take in on a given day when I’m not thinking about it, we are talking numbers around the thousand mark. Which leads me to wonder how exactly people put away thousands of calories?

  I mean, I get it, junk food, but really? Holy cow! I find myself needing to think about food literally every half hour to make sure I put enough away to get to that two point two thousand mark. The hope is that I’ll gain about a pound of weight a week which is around 3500 calories if it were in fat. I’m going to be working out soon every night, the weights I plan to use (Kettle Bells) are in the mail and should be here within the next 5 days. I’ll start out at low weights and learn the routines and then build up to heavier and heavier loads as my form improves.

  We also acquired a new scale today which I’m pretty excited about. It’s called a “Withing” scale, I’d link to it but I’m trying to make it through this post fairly quickly to get on with my night (the clicking of this keyboard drives me a bit mad). Basically this scale will sync your weight with a central database that you can then see from your phone or on their website and track your progress. It also intermingles with a half dozen or so other programs that do everything from checking your blood pressure to logging the miles or activity you’d put in. They even have a set that monitors how well you are sleeping, I’ll need to read up more on that one because it seems like the one most likely to be malarkey.

  I’m unusually proud of the direction my writing is going. It’s not something that I feel often and I don’t even know if it will maintain but I genuinely feel good about it. Part of it might be going to a doctor and for the first time in quite a few visits not hearing someone sounding concerned about my health when they checked me. Who knows, maybe doubling my caloric intake has actually improved my mental acuity or made me happier, it seems unlikely but it’s a variable shouldn’t (yet) be overlooked.

  Or maybe I’m finally grasping my life a bit better? Who knows, I know I just said that but really…who does? Artemis has her tail frazzled and is pouncing on every inanimate object in our living room, she knows what to do, I just need to get that level of certainty I suppose. To make so much out of so little, I realize that she’s “a cat” and that her mental faculties might not be quite as diverse as a human but the amount of joy she can get out of beating a dry cat food pellet around the kitchen floor just astounds me.

  Then I think of just how happy I get flipping over slivers of paper every day around lunch to read the rules printed on them to other folks equally interested. I don’t really know where I’m going with that but it still feels good, feels like it was worth writing.

  Who knows, maybe someday it will be.



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