Space time!

//Space time!

Space time!

What I’ve got going on above is nothing super special. We’ve got an Earth and Moon (To Scale). The sun is glowing from the proper location. I’m looking into how complicated it will be to walk across the moon. You need to use the normals of the raycast between your feet and the center of the moon. That’s not super complicated but it does get messy when you combine that with fake gravity.

Because of this I think I might be taking this game a different direction. I’m thinking Independence Day. So what I’m going to do is add in some UFOs and give the player a simple ship to control and use to kill all them bad aliens. Another possibility is raising money when you kill the alien ships and having that money be useable to add anti-alien cannons to the Earth. I mean…who doesn’t want to put giant cannons on the Earth?

It’s all a matter of scale though. The Earth in this scene is huge, likely unnecessarily so. But we’ll start with it like this and go from there. Rescaling things is super easy. Batman is tomorrow though, so I doubt I’ll be doing anything with this soon. Anywho, leaving this where it is. The next update will have something playable.

If you are interested in making something with the Earth you can find a nice free mesh for it (in many sizes) here:!/content/23399.

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