Streetpass and the People in the Walls

//Streetpass and the People in the Walls

Streetpass and the People in the Walls

I got the two new streetpass games for the 3DS. The presentation on both is at least initially very impressive. I’m excited to have some more things to do with the random folks that end up on my system. Something I find interesting about the 3DS is that you end up making friends with your neighbors. Both at our last home and this current one I find myself getting the same people on occasion. Not every day, but every few days.

I end up wondering how many other people have this experience. Connecting with someone only through your mutual existence. This must happen a lot to people living in the city. Passing the same people who have similar life schedules. Checking your 3DS later to see them cropping up and rating you as “Fantastic”. It’s peculiar how this little handheld can remind me that there are other people out there with schedules. I recognize it as obviously true but I can go a very long time without ever really confronting it.

Might be because its so difficult to handle my own schedule.

One of the people I see from time to time on Streetpass sent me the message “ItsSnowingOnMtFuji”. I’ve yet to decide if this was just them randomly quoting something or if this is a hint that the NSA is spying on me. They’ve noticed the men in black standing just out of sight and are trying to warn me.

I suppose I should check the weather in Japan and depending on the results consider disconnecting from the internet.

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