Sunday Cleaning

//Sunday Cleaning

Sunday Cleaning

Did a bit of cleaning downstairs today. For whatever reason I find cleaning to be strangely satisfying. To see your home transform from what it has now become to something much nicer. Even though technically it’s going back to an older state it ends up feeling newer. The lack of PC boxes in the living room was certainly enough to blow Venus’ mind. She sauntered down prepared to pounce in them and noticed the forest of cardboard now reduced down to a single large box. I kept that one because it is her little fort.


Witcher 3 is an amazing game on so many levels. I’m a pretty big fan. I don’t know if I’ll 100% it but I could see myself playing it for quite a while. The combat system is generally fun but I have noticed that in heavily one sided fights it becomes an exercise in extreme frustration. Not the kind of fun frustration that I’m alright with, this is because the dodging system is not as intuitive as you might think. You can dodge, parry, or roll, from your targets. Certain attack animations are recycled between different mobs. Dodging away from one monster using attack animation A will work but dodging from a different monster with that same animation will get you hit.

This can be frustrating because it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with their hit boxes. If a monster does that jump leap eye scratch you are in for a fun gamble. “Will I actually dodge? Or am I about to be proper fucked?”

Even with this in mind the game is great. The dialogue is very good, the graphics are more than fine for me, and the gameplay overall is excellent. If NVidia ever gets their shit together and figures out how to make the hairworks system work it’ll be well worth using. Whenever I turn it on the characters seem to come to life. The flowing manes on monsters is something to behold.

I do think we are ebbing ever closer to the next generation of gaming. As it stands we are not there. The PS4 and Xbox One are just extensions of the PS3 and the 360. I like the PS4 but it is hardly the next step in gaming. I do think that what is slowly sneaking into PC is what folks have been waiting for. Any dedicated PC game we see in the next year or two is likely to blow console games out of the water. Even titles that are multiplat will likely look closer to the golden goal than their hard boxed companions.

That isn’t to say that graphics are everything. Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t give two shits about graphics if a game is good. But generations are about graphical power, companies have been fighting over that for more than a decade now. Well, I’m being modest, two decades easily. It is entirely their problem to handle because it was a problem they created. People do not look to new generations for greater numbers of enemies or amazing new procedural concepts.

They look for fibers of hair each moving on its own. I suspect, if it isn’t already, that the mechanism for making this work will be just like a flock of birds. Each hair only interested in the hairs surrounding it and completely oblivious to the rest of the head as a whole. In this way the number of checks necessary for each one will be minimal. If individual hairs is too unreasonable you could do this same thing with “chunks” of hair. Quadrants of arbitrarily large numbers of hair that, once again, only care about their immediate brethren.

For birds this simple rule is what creates those intricate patterns you see in the sky. The same is true of schools of fish. Simple rules leading to incredibly complex looking outcomes. That’s the magic of life I suppose. From a few simple ingredients you can generate infinite complexity.

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