Tea Time

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Tea Time

Today is definitely a tea day. I feel like you can tell a few minutes after you wake up. Some days are coffee days, some days are tea days, and others still are herbal tea days. I’m teetering between tea and herbal tea. I might just have a bit of both.

It’s a spectrum that I think is fairly easy to describe. I drink coffee on days when I want to think and am having a pretty good time. Similarly I drink coffee when the bodily “change” coffee occasionally brings to you is no longer in effect for me.

Tea is for days when I want to relax a bit more but am looking for something slightly bitter. I don’t generally add any sweetener to my tea (a bit of heresy for many in my family I imagine) and I probably leave it steeping a bit longer than I should. This results in a bitter drink that really works for me.

And for maximum relaxation, for absolute chill, I drink herbal tea. Usually something minty or with a hint of fruit. Things that propagate in my nose and fill me with a sense that I could take a nap and the world wouldn’t burn.

Not the most descriptive read but that is my drink setup. I like to complement all three of these drinks with water. Ironic given that they are all already effectively 100% water. Darn close I’d imagine. But nothing quite beats a fresh glass of ice water for really melting away the cares of the day.

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