That’s Comcrapstic!

//That’s Comcrapstic!

That’s Comcrapstic!

  So today was the launch day and we bid a farewell to one of our employees that will be going back to Korea. This meant that not only was today busy but I was out for most of the day. As such while I have two really fun topics I would like to discuss (as a reminded I’ll say LoJ Ratio, so that tomorrow when I read that sentence I’ll remember). Unfortunately I don’t have the time or energy to discuss either of the topics I want to hit on tonight, instead I would like to point out that my internet is being remarkably slow and sketchy.

  It does this often and I’m certainly not alone, our company uses the same provider and they are equally terrible with them. I think this company is the shining example of what happens when a business gets a monopoly, I am, of course, speaking of Comcast.

  You might be saying to yourself “Sweet lord, I’m lucky I got Xfinity.” But you’d be mistaken, our local branch has gone the whole mile for their branding change, no longer does it say “Xfinity by Comcast”, indeed Comcast has gone the way of Phillip Morris, who changed their name to Altria to try and get out from under the weight of being synonymous with predatory marketing and cancer.

Interestingly, company spokesmen also acknowledged that the company’s less-than-stellar reputation for customer service had reduced the consumer equity of the Comcast brand. – (Source)

  This is the sentiment across the internet, basically every report on the topic notes that Comcast has a caustic brand name. The first issue is that their prices fluctuate like gasoline and in the same average direction as it as well.

  This means that, considering their monopoly, you either choose between no internet or paying upwards of 70 dollars a month just to get their basic plan. It’s listed on their website as 20 dollars, or it might be 29.99 now, but here is where the genius comes in, part of why their brand name change will never help.

  They charge a “service fee” each month that ranges from a few bucks to upwards of 30-50, you’ll be able to find the actual range on their website. Now if you have Comcast you will undoubtedly be able to recall the last 10 times your internet cut out or ran about as fast as 56K if 56K had congenital heart failure. How many times was your internet serviced?

  How many times have you seen someone checking the lines around your neighborhood? How many times have you gotten a call to see how your internet is doing? How many times have you called only to get a disinterested person from overseas?

  There are services I use that I pay 0 dollars in service fees that do multiple of the above (minus the disinterested outsourced phone service), so why am I paying 2-3 times more than the cost of my internet on this mysterious fee?

  Mostly because it’s the only service in my area. That’s what a Monopoly gets you, once a company no longer has to compete they will immediately start cutting corners. What do they have to lose? The internet is now critical to basically any lifestyle in the US. Do I want that to be the case? I’d prefer it wasn’t, but it is.

  In fact Comcast is a pretty fat pig when it comes to fees, just about every service they have, every offer they provide, is riddled with over a hundred dollars in various fees. They wanted to charge me a “one time” fee of something like 50 bucks which was described as “Having a person give me the instruction manual.”

  Really? You know what, just hook up the internet and I’ll Google it. I can’t help but wonder what Comcast will call themselves after Xfinity gets the same vile reputation of its predecessor? Maybe they’ll start calling themselves “Yugatta Usus” to really stick the point home that they are the only game in town.

  Speaking of Google, I really wish they’d go ahead with their internet plans. I’d be so genuinely happy to be with any other service, which I’m sure is a point made by folks all across the internet (judging by their remarkably low stars on business review websites like Yelp).

  (I find it peculiar that they used to be very good, I wonder if it is just an insistence on not replacing any lines once they are laid).

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