The 90/10 of creation.

//The 90/10 of creation.

The 90/10 of creation.

I use the word peculiar too much. If everything is peculiar I suppose that nothing is. So I’m going to refrain from calling this little trend peculiar. It’s ubiquitous, there we go, that’s a good word. Everyone experiences this in one way or another but I don’t know how many people actually realize it. Creativity is a fickle beast, as is motivation, both of these monsters lead to a frustrating trend. You flash through a large project in the blink of an eye only to find yourself staring at the last few lines unable to move. You become paralyzed by something. I wonder what that something is. Is it a subconscious trait of the person impacted or is it something closer to a law of reality. Perhaps the arc is not actually 90/10 but the appearance of 90 which is actually closer to 50.

Personally I experience this in coding and in writing. I don’t have an answer for the coding side of things, or perhaps I do, I’ll know roughly about the time you do in this post. For actual storytelling I think my problem lies in the finality of it. Once you’ve “printed” the book it becomes a solid thing. No longer can the words within it be altered or molded to fit my godly whims. The balance of power shifts from the creator to the created. No longer are things in flux and changeable but they are “real”. In some ways even the ownership shifts.

Once things are real the following events related seem to err on the side of negativity. Partly because of loss aversion leading you to focus on the negative but also because it is easier to criticize than to create. Not trying to put myself up on a pedestal. I have a much easier time complaining about games or books I don’t like than I do making games or books that I do like. Look at this post, for instance, I hate it.

So many stories, drawings, books, games, etc, lying nearly finished. Their creators unable to hand over the reigns. Just like exercising you end up feeling better once you do it, but you still don’t do it.

Did I mention my eye is really dry and irritated? Totally unrelated to this little ramble. This state is terrible when you need your eyes to stay moist.


That’s a word.

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