The Art of Cleaning Your Room: A Development Thought

//The Art of Cleaning Your Room: A Development Thought

The Art of Cleaning Your Room: A Development Thought

I’m beginning to wonder how adults clean their rooms. When I was a child there were a few different methods that I attempted but ultimately all of them were vastly inferior to what I settled on. Liz apparently did it much the same way and I wonder if this is just a tendency that kids pick up that is eventually lost as an adult. The first thing I would do is take everything from where it currently was and pretty much dump it on the floor. You start with something like a tabula rasa, if a tabula rasa was set clear by plastering it with every word at once. The wet ink of your thoughts leaving the canvas clear, albeit pitch black.

Each time I did this my father or mother would walk in and have a bit of a panic. “Sweet Baby Jesus!” They’d exclaim. Well ok, they wouldn’t. They’d usually say something closer to “You better take care of this shit before dinner.” I’d nod my head and get back to work on my room. Most of the time when I cleaned up my room I also rearranged the entire thing. The bed would move, the TV would move. Once I got a computer that would move as well. It was all about altering my surroundings to create a fresh new living space.

As I develop I find that I do much the same thing. I build up my room of code. Over time I notice that it is becoming stuffy and needs a remodelling. I take all the code and I throw it on the ground. Picking it up as I go along and putting it in the perfect new place for it to belong. Just like with my rooms I would gather up some things I didn’t want anymore, either discarding them entirely, or storing them for later. In code this ends up being a file full of commented code that I hold onto. Perhaps it is nostalgia, perhaps I’ll need some of it again someday.

My parents don’t see my code, but my superiors do. They have taken the role of my parents. Panicking the moment a room cleaning has begun. It’s as if nobody else has ever cleaned their room. I’ve begun to wonder. This notion of a perfect product at all stages of development seems rather unbelievable to me. The ideal world is one where a room is always clean, surely. But that is already nearly unseen in life, in code you’ve got a room that is constantly changing size. Requests and criticisms shrinking or growing the room that you must store your goods within.

The mountains from molehills are one of the most unfortunate things that I contend with now. A perception of time and content seemingly lost from the world of business. I don’t know if it is an alpha problem, perhaps people think that panicking about every little thing will give them an air of sophistication or awareness. But the sky is so rarely falling in business or in life. It is important to know when the dusty clouds of this dirty city are descending to choke your lungs and when it’s merely a gossamer of water clouds traveling by.

Sometimes you need to clean your room. It really helps nobody to be lectured about how messy it is while you do so. When all the pieces fall into place the room goes from disorder to order. And in that moment life is breathed into the thing.

On that note, I’m going to go do a little more in NGUI. NGUI is so much better than UGUI that I find myself disappointed I’ve got to use the latter at work. Like hanging out at glistening cave of gemstones and then going to work in a castle of sand.

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