The art (or lack thereof) of recording.

//The art (or lack thereof) of recording.

The art (or lack thereof) of recording.

Episode 2 is finished. I’ll actually be uploading all 5(6) videos on Saturday night or Sunday and they’ll release throughout next week. Then next week I can start gathering videos for the following week. I realized this is the best plan. I’ll also release the reviews on the days the videos go. That means yesterdays post will get its video on Monday of next week. Tonight the error was that I muted my own mic and then talked to nothing for 20 minutes. That’s fairly hilarious to me.

Regardless I should have a nicer microphone tomorrow. It won’t protect me from muting but it will provide me with less static and be a bit smaller (from what I’ve seen). I’m fairly excited about it. The hardest part about doing these as videos is that I’m often tired after work. Who knows though, maybe I’ll start getting better sleep and being more awake when I do them. Some things that I’ve been told (and am promptly ignoring) is that you should separate your video audio from your voice. This way you can fix any recording issues or splice the video and have your audio still work.

I haven’t done it yet but I should be trying it soon. I’m going to continue to look for ways to improve the experience. Either way, even if nobody watches, its still a good little project to player all my games. I’ve already played two more new games in the last two days than I normally would in a week and possibly as much as a month. Tomorrow will be a third new game. It’s fun to see progress.

I’m also a few pages away from posting my next book review. I was going to read one of my own books soon but now I’ve got the ASAP Science book to read. Excited to read it.

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