The Dancing Man

//The Dancing Man

The Dancing Man

Today was a good day. I admit I’m updating late but better late than never. Work today was a wonderful rollercoaster of problems and solutions. I’ve been having a pretty good batting average for the changes I’ve made not failing. I’m still new to coding and integration but I feel like I’m getting ever so slightly more confident every single workday. Additionally I’ll be doing more (better) unity guides soon.

I’ve gotten some better process tips now for people. Advice will go more from “Here is how I do it as an amatuer.” to “Here is how I do it as an amatuer who has seen professional practices.” Which is a step in the right direction.

To give you an idea of the ups and downs of my day I want you to take a read about this story. If you don’t like Huffington Post feel free to just google “Dancing Man”.

The shorthand of it is that yesterday I read the story about this guy getting laughed at by some assholes for being fat and enjoying life simultaneously. Basically the entirety of the internet thought they were assholes and set out to find the guy. Now he’s going to have a party thrown in his honor (with him there) and he’s going to get to dance the night away. I’m super happy about this story. The original images were genuinely heartbreaking.

But as with all challenging days, or weeks, something special can happen to turn it all around.

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