The Day The Internet Comment Died

//The Day The Internet Comment Died

The Day The Internet Comment Died

I never quite know which words I should capitalize in the title. I think most WordPress URL options just kinda do whatever they want anyways, and many themes carry on this tradition of ignoring the user’s whims. With that in mind, I suppose we’ll just say screw it and go with each word capitalized.

I’ve decided tonight that I am done commenting on the internet. At least for the most part. That might sound like a lazy cop out but allow me to explain, or don’t, either way I’ll be typing. I’m done posting on anything even the slightest bit controversial. For the last decade (perhaps decade and a half) of my life I have watched people use the same handful of arguments for just about anything, over and over, and over. I feel as though I have been forced to read the Hero of a Thousand Faces a thousand times. It’s as if nobody ever researches anything before they speak. Eternally trapped in an intellectual evolutionary rut.

I realize this is untrue, and largely an issue of confirmation bias. Even the general self selection of internet posters themselves. I know that passionate people are more likely to comment. I also understand that passion and rationalism are unfriendly neighbors. Knowing these things does not make it any more appetizing however.

Perhaps in the future I will write about the various strategies that annoy me. Most notably the art of feigning ignorance. But for now I’ll simply say that they are old hat and that if you are someone who enjoys internet discourse, ask yourself if you’ve ever seen your style of discourse online. If you have, I probably find it awful. For the customer “No UPC means it is free?!” is a great joke, as they’ve only told it once. The cashier has heard it a dozen times or more that week.

Now what about that “for the most part”? Well, I’ll still be putting silly quips to friends and family on Twitter. As well as the rare joke on Facebook. But otherwise I am going to start focusing all my energies on personal projects, writing, and this website. If I am going to be spending hours of my life endlessly spouting syllables on the internet I might as well do it on my own content.

Otherwise I’m left getting frustrated for no better reason than becoming another product on someone else’s shelf. That’s not a very appealing way to use these fleeting minutes of my life.

Who knows, perhaps by getting back into writing I’ll find my spark again. Feel words flowing through me. I know lately my brain has felt like mush, thoughts slipping out just as quickly as they are absorbed. It’s a nasty problem that I’ve long feared and one that will only get worse with age.

Very luckily I’ve got a large book to get me started on the path to being interested, and luck willing, interesting again.

I’ll make an effort to write future things before I’m nearly asleep. But I figured I should get this off my mind. Makes it more tangible, easier to follow.

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