The End of August

//The End of August

The End of August

I did it. I don’t know if I liked the quality of this month of writing but I managed it. Thousands of words, a few dozen pages worth. Not bad, feels nice. I think I’m going to try again next month. See if I can get into a flow of things. I know that I need some kind of rhythm in my life and I also know that it won’t come on its own. It’ll be up to me to really work it all out. Maybe I could do some audio recordings while packing? It remains to be seen. It could be amusing to discuss the things I own while I work.

Might even help clear my head. That would certainly be nice. As Liz would say, I’ve got so many things I want to do and the problem is picking any particular one to start on. For visual stuff I was hoping to clear my complexion, and I think I’ve basically got that covered. I still have a lot of red spots but the white heads are basically done for. Dermatology is no joke.

I suppose that’s that. It’s nearly midnight and September will be beginning soon. I should try and get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight and work towards a productive new month. This is kinda the beginning of my new year. Seeing as I was born a few days ago (many years ago) and not on December 31st. Huzzah.

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