The fires of fresh faces

//The fires of fresh faces

The fires of fresh faces

I’m currently trying a doctor prescribed medication for my face. Needless to say, the burn that I am feeling is beyond belief. It feels as though I’ve ground my face along the pavement at high speeds. Sharp memories of my childhood rush back to me each time I put some of it on.

Every stumble from a bike, failed stunt with a scooter, or tumble from a tree. That long agonizing frustration as your body continues to remind you that you have been harmed. But you already know and so the pain merely adds to the frustration. I imagine the notion is that an animal that could turn off its pain would likely do so too often. They’d end up like Adam Sandler in Click, yes, I’m going there. Turning it off more and more until they just leave it off and don’t notice grave harm being done to them.

But, frankly, when my face is feeling poopy like this I’d much rather risk it. Turn off the ole pain or convert it into some kind of palette. Perhaps different parts of me could feel different colors instead. “My face is a code red for sure, but my toes are a smooth grey.”

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