The LA Haze

//The LA Haze

The LA Haze

I’ve mentioned it before but I don’t think I’ll ever understand this city. It’s 10 am and a thick haze creeps across the top of it. Buildings yellow and the ground is slightly dirty from the ever present dust. LA feels to me like an abandoned city and yet it is full of people. This is a far cry from the beautiful upkeep of somewhere like Hiroshima.

The traffic is choking; even short drives often take many times longer than they should. Accidents are as common as the sight of road construction. And road construction never ends. It’s hot all the time, there are maybe a handful of weeks in the year where people don’t hide in the shadows of buildings as they walk from point to point. And yet, seat beading on their head, you’ll still hear praise for this place.

I don’t think I’ve ever lived in an area I dislike more than this. Silverdale was fantastic, my main ills were mostly social and I wouldn’t argue with anyone that said they were problems of my own making. Seattle sucked for me up until I ventured to literally any other city in the US (that I have since been to, some might be better). I realize now that outside of Japan it is my favorite major city. And then we have Bellingham, again, a delight.

It’s not even necessarily about heat. I’ve been to Hawaii multiple times and it didn’t bother me much. The heat there was matched with sweet smells and sweet people. The sounds of horns hocking or fiberglass shattering were replaced with the morning chirp of birds.

The cost to live here races towards the stars with each passing year. Likely jealous of San Francisco and their exorbitant pricing. But I honestly cannot grasp why. This must be the true power of employment. If a bunch of businesses move into the area, then the prices will go up in response. It clearly, to me, is not an issue of quality.

If I had to say a couple of nice things about the LA area it is the following. There are some nice places to eat here, which is true of most cities I’ve been to. I kid you not, I literally forgot the second thing. There was something. If I remember someday I’ll edit this post. Or if I discover something to replace it.

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