The Long Walk to Target, Short Thoughts on being Fit

//The Long Walk to Target, Short Thoughts on being Fit

The Long Walk to Target, Short Thoughts on being Fit

I’m a pretty thin man. Not because I necessarily eat well or because I exercise frequently. It’s more likely tied to the fact that I really can’t eat all that much without feeling ill and generally the things I like to eat are low in calories. These two things compound to create a lifestyle that keeps me teetering between a healthy weight and underweight. It’s kind of funny because you could be mistaken in think I actually lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m reminded of how out of shape I am whenever I do try to exercise these days.

Also, lets take a moment to point out that I wish it was spelled “Excercise” but it isn’t and that frustrates me.

Regardless, we walk up to Target once a week now. Eating Fish and Chicken, far fewer carbs and sugar, which for a lot of people is difficult but its trivial for me to cut those things. The eating fish is the hardest part but I’m managing. Trying to generally stay healthy and maybe live long enough to groan when I wake up. “Shit…I made it another day.”

Those walks though. My throat starts to hurt, my heart pulses like a supernova, and each breath is more difficult than the last. I feel great once it is all over but that steep incline (just shy of climbing a mountain) is incredibly taxing. The last few hundred feet are walking up a 50 to 60 degree incline, perhaps a tiny bit steeper, and it is killer. Tomorrow I’ll feel excellent, I already feel somewhat good, but I can see from these walks that I need much more physicality in my life.

Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be taking in less than the “safe” level of sugar (likely already there, I don’t sweeten much of anything and our soda is diet). I’ll be getting enough calories to gain weight (muscle preferably) and be exercising frequently enough to not be short of breath.

It’s a difficult thing to be healthy, more difficult still to “be fit”. It’s a matter of both mental and physical training. I will try my best to achieve in both areas. While also keeping up with the general goal of being a jovial person. Life is too short in many ways. I’ll leave the anger and fighting to others who think it’ll help. Emphasis on think.

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