The “Ordered” Universe–Because it is.

//The “Ordered” Universe–Because it is.

The “Ordered” Universe–Because it is.

There is often a point made about the universe, about everything that is around us. The gist of the point is that “There is obviously a designer, a watch requires a watchmaker, and a universe run by laws must have a lawmaker.” This is very pleasing to the ear and to the mind as long as you don’t take longer than two seconds to think about it. The moment you do it falls apart and it falls apart hard.

The observation that the universe is governed by strict laws is ultimately a redundant observation, the universe must be as it is if we are to be as we are. If the universe were different in any way then we would be different (if we existed at all), to clarify “we” are merely the things observing the universe. If there is nothing conscious in another universe then the “we” is a null value. But regardless of what universe you examine and the species within it, the reasoning behind their being there is entirely redundant.

Because no matter what the case were, the questions would be exactly the same and the reasoning would be exactly the same. While I used to give my parents a bit of a grimace when I got the “Because I said so.” line from them I must admit that in this case a similar response must be made. The universe is ordered because it is ordered. You are sitting or standing where you are because you are sitting or standing where you are. We see visible light because whatever light we would have sensed would have been called Visible light, that range of light is only special because it is special to us, if we were different in any way we would be making the exact same observation about a different range of visible light.

We are on Earth not because Earth is special but because whatever planet we would have been on anywhere in the entire universe would have been judged with equal curiosity. It would have been the “special one” for no other reason than it happened to be the one we spawned on. There is no necessary designer behind the universe because the universe must exist in some fashion or another, if that fashion were a null fashion then more power to it. There could have been a trillion trillion universes before this specific one, each one with beings that too tried to explain why their own unique composition was the one. What made it special was not that it was special but that it was what the outcome was.

Just like rolling a die, there must be an outcome to the roll (at least in the philosophical sense) there are 6 choices, and the one you are left with is not chosen because it is divine, or because it is pre-thought or unique, but because it was the choice. Essentially the universe is ordered because, as humans, the only way humans would have examined the universe would be if it was ordered. If it wasn’t ordered we wouldn’t exist as we are but whatever that did exist would be asking the exact same questions (for a short while at least), they would be no more unique than us, and the universe they’d be in would be no more unique than ours. These things must be the way they are for us to wonder why they are as they are because no matter how they were we’d be wondering. There is always an outcome to the dice roll and if you knew nothing of the other 5 possibilities you would assume that there was something special about that dice roll, wherein fact there was nothing unique about it at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I am infinitely fascinated by the entire universe and of the possibilities of things unknown. But the desire to know “Why Earth?” or “Why this Universe?” or “Why is it ordered?” are all fruitless questions, beyond knowing how to best sustain our own physiology they will not bring us unique information because if you changed the variables to some other variant the questions would still exist, they are entirely malleable and don’t hold educational value in that respect. These questions are no more productive than pondering if we are in a Matrix or a Brain in a Vat. All they tend to do is waste time in the case of furthering advance in science, which is a shame because the further Science travels the more wonders we will discover.

Just don’t get caught up in explaining why the universe is, because at the end of the day it is and all the explanations in the universe will not make it change (for if they did the best you’ve done is get yourself killed, the living thing is not fond of extreme sudden change). I realize it’s fun to think about but it does not provide any useful information because the questions all apply to every possible variation of existence wherein anything capable of asking the questions would exist.

Note: That was very difficult to write since I’m trying to explain the circular logic of this profoundly wasteful question and it seems to drag you into circular answers. Which I think helps explain my point better than my attempts to explain it did.

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