The Paradox of Choice

//The Paradox of Choice

The Paradox of Choice

I am sorely dealing with the paradox of choice as far as games are concerned. I just don’t know what to play anymore really. Everything seems like an incredible investment of time and more often than not I find myself just playing the next new thing that comes out instead of going into the backlog. If not for this terrible heat I’d try to do more videos but I end up needing the fan on just to make them and that ends up making the audio terrible.

I managed to play a small bit of Borderlands the Pre Sequel today, alongside my normal Blizzard binge. Whenever Liz ends up feeling up for it I can just join her game and repeat some of the quests which isn’t all that big of a deal. I did that a lot in Borderlands 2 with various friends and family.

Game development is coming along nicely. Each new iteration leads me to new discoveries on how I want things to control or how to present things. I think I’ve got a new UI layout in mind that should be fairly intuitive. But you know what they say about intuition. Ass of…no wait. There is no i in, shit no there are 3.

Basically people wouldn’t know to click a button if that was the only thing on the screen. At least that’s what the common belief seems to be in development. I’m not so sure that is true, I suppose we’ll see! I’m going to try and gather analytics from this little excursion once it is released. My goal is to have something tangible finished by the end of October. Since I’ll want to be writing a book in November. It’ll likely use rudimentary art that I’ve drawn but should otherwise be pretty solid. The “scale” of the game is something that is up in the air but as I move along I’ve been routinely scaling it back to try and get something manageable.

I figure for anything “grand” I’ll wait until this is released and put input towards either updates or a sequel. Depending on how things go.

Anyways, I need to do some laundry before the new week starts I realize. Hooray.

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