The Planetwide Water Crises on the Horizon

//The Planetwide Water Crises on the Horizon

The Planetwide Water Crises on the Horizon

So lately I’ve been reading about a surprise water crises. I do mean surprise, rather than surprising, because its come out of nowhere. That deep dark nowhere that we walk across every day. With surface water vanishing, sometimes from weather, and other times because we really like watering golf courses, also drinking, we’ve begun to dig down deep to find water. A bit like drilling for oil but with surprisingly less to pull from, or at least it seems.

There are plenty of places reporting on this. Feel free to find one that you trust as they’ll all either have covered it or be covering it soon. It looks like mankind is draining fresh water from the ground itself faster than it naturally replenishes. This leaves us with a bit of a delay between when the water crises should hit and when it will inevitably hit. A part of me would like this to happen after I die (of a super duper, extremely, old age. I’m talking like 900 years old, can we make that happen?) but I’d also like to see it overcome.

I’m a pretty optimistic fella, an optimistic realist. So to me it looks like humanity cannot sustain itself unless it starts looking into renewable energy to fuel desalination of the oceans. The Earth is basically all water, something like 70% of the surface is covered in the stuff. As groundlings we are the weird ones compared to all the sea creatures roaming around. The odds that we could ever use up all of the oceans is pretty slim. Because while water is used it has to go >somewhere<. That somewhere is usually the ocean where it ends up all salty and gross. Desalination requires a lot of energy and is very costly. If we use dirty energy to draw this water from the ocean we are just making things worse. Acidification of the oceans is already a pretty big deal and we don't want to make one problem worse to resolve another. So a nice supply of wind energy, solar, and I'm cool with modern nuclear energy, would be great for generating H2O. Once we do this I think everything is going to be hunky dory. But until that time comes we have a very real problem looming ever closer. Once countries start running out of drinking water they are going to get very aggressive. I do think that a war over water could be easily avoided as long as the desalination process isn't privatized. If it is, however, things are gonna get real fucky. That's a technical term.

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