The Reality of Modern Day Politics

//The Reality of Modern Day Politics

The Reality of Modern Day Politics

  I’m only pleased about this video for two reasons only (everything else about it disgusts me), one it helps visualize exactly what happened to me on the phone a few days ago.

The second is that Anderson Cooper appears to be an actual reporter, I admit that I need to see more of his work before I make such a statement but at least in terms of this interview he did an amazing job.

  This is unfortunately the reality of today’s politics :/. I am speaking partially from ignorance as I have only lived 24 years (as of the 28th of this month), so perhaps much of my life and much of politics has been about Demagogues capturing power through lies, hate, and seemingly unstoppable ranting. I know the few times I’ve watched representatives argue that is immediately what it devolves into. “Those guys don’t care if the whole country dies but we do.” Which is nothing but slander, a universally untrue statement that I’d be more than happy to defend.

I’m sure, while his own personal gain was (as is with likely most politicians) the priority, even Nixon would not have wanted to see America or Americans hurt. It is not something any right minded person desires, though I suppose watching this video that at least Louie Gohmert is anything but right minded (all jokes about Right and Left aside).

There is no such thing as Terror Babies, though nobody reading this needed to be told that, there is also no such thing as Anchor babies. Now you may argue “But Rico! There have been dozens of cases of illegal immigrants using their children to gain citizenship.” I would not fight that point and folks are probably right, I’m sure there are dozens, I bet that a tenth of a tenth of a percent of all the illegal immigrants living in the US today are using that strategy. But the point I’d make in response is that the amount of people doing this is so ridiculously small that it is unimportant.

It would be like arresting all white middle aged men because a percent of a percent have been arrested for rape. Well obviously if a small percent are doing it then it must be a problem for the entire population of that group.

Well over 90% of the illegal immigrants in this country stay here without requiring an Anchor baby, just as Anderson Cooper mentioned about terrorists (and in no way do I want you to equate either of these groups to each other!), the extremists do not need help getting people into the country, they don’t need a 20 year plan, and they don’t need any sort of tricks frankly. If they want to get folks here to kill Americans they will do so. I’m not trying to alarm anyone, neither am I alarmed (I have faith in people that might be unwarranted), I am merely backing Cooper’s point.

The only reason Politicians (I think all Republican but I’ll just say Politicians) are making this argument is because of Immigrants. They want to tighten security against something as ridiculous as “Terror Babies” so that they can begin to encroach on their real goal. Purifying the US of “Illegal Immigrants.” Sure most data shows that Immigrants are helpful for the economies of the states they are in, sure the crime rate in areas populated with illegal immigrants are no different than any other US area with similar per capita classifications, and sure the vast majority (enough to say all) are incredibly hard working and incredibly great people (as most people in the world are), but that doesn’t change the fact that they have another language they widely speak and it doesn’t change the fact that they are quite obviously different.

  I’ve explained racism before, why it isn’t exactly surprising, and I’m not going to do it again. I’m also not going to act like White people are special in being racist, they aren’t. But in the case of these laws, they are being pushed for the sake of comfort and for the cause of racism. The use of fear to make these laws happen is terrible and the people involved should be removed from office and lambasted nationwide. Of course those who voted for these people should certainly rethink their personal life styles as well.

There are no terror babies, immigrants aren’t a problem, and this man needs some serious help. That’s pretty much the gist of what I’m trying to say :).

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