The Rules of Engagement with Amiibos

//The Rules of Engagement with Amiibos

The Rules of Engagement with Amiibos

I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m not willing to go out of my way to give money to people. If I can’t get something through the tried and true method of purchasing it first hand, I’m likely just never going to do it. There are exceptions for items that existed before this clause. Grandfathered into my old way of thinking. But for new things I either buy it from a store at or below retail or I don’t buy it at all.

If I walk into a store and see an Amiibo I want I’ll buy it. However if it involves waiting until midnight for a three minute window to get the Amiibo? Nope. I’m done. There will come a time when these things are fairly common and easy to acquire. Like most vanity items they’ll have this current boom and then the bust will hit hard. It’s a scalpers market that exists almost entirely because of them. Like Beanie babies and Furbies (and other things that I missed the boat on), the appearance of an extreme demand leaves people thinking this is a solid investment.

You can find the evidence for this most clearly when Amiibos are packaged with other, harder to sell, goods. Almost always they don’t sell out. If its a strategy guide, a shirt, anything. The sales of those items will remain within ranges that stores can handle and they never run out. The same is happening with collectors editions currently. Slap on a strategy guide and scalpers will overlook it. They don’t want to deal with anything that requires effort to sell.

So for me? I just wait 24 hours. If the Amiibo I want is still in stock then I buy it. Otherwise its a lost sale. I won’t ebay it, I won’t rush to re-releases, nada. Either I can get it easily and fully relaxed or the item is dead to me. The more people that take this stance the better the marketplace will become for customers. Consumerism needs to die, we need to get back to capitalism or something else entirely.

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