The Stupidly Equal Approach to Debating

//The Stupidly Equal Approach to Debating

The Stupidly Equal Approach to Debating

  There is a feeling I get sometimes that is a bit hard to explain. It happens when I’m trying to discuss something sensibly with people and they go full retard. You’ve probably experienced it so I’m going to describe a situation and then move on to the emotional return I get from it.

  I’m going to run with a recent example since it literally just happened. Lets say you are talking about Equality, now obviously this word has multiple meanings. The most extreme is the 1=1 tautology, the idea of everything being literally equal from top to bottom. The more conventional meaning in culture is the removal of negative cues that are tied with uncontrollable variables, race, gender, or other biological variables that you never got to vote on.

  To a lesser extent, but only barely, the idea of nationality falls into this group. The punishments are pretty easy to list, you either can’t get an education, or a job, or you are denied land or rights. Similarly this can be taken to the alternative extreme and a person can be given too much for things they could not control.

  Now while discussing this with a friend another person (one of their buddies) popped in and started discussing how the only way you could have equality is if you removed sentience itself. Now this is known as insane troll logic, and I’ve discussed it before. It’s the kind of stupid thing that you swear people would only say if they are feeling like screwing with you.

  But they aren’t…they really mean it.

Mindblowingly Stupid

  They didn’t just say that? Ok, what I’ll do is I’ll tell them that that is silly and that they are talking about literal equality and that sure you could have everyone at the exact same height but that’s silly and doesn’t really move any sort of discourse forward. So how will they reply?

  Well obviously they’ll say that you might as well just say fuck all because in order for you to prosper someone else must be harmed. Ok, well that’s a little weird, lets read further. Ah, obviously education won’t help because inevitably you will need to take resources from somewhere and that means that someone somewhere will be punished. Thusly you can’t have equality.

  Alright. So I see where this is going, I need to reply just to end this for myself but…god…what is that feeling in my head. I feel it right between my eyes, more accurately right between my eyebrows. For a moment I even lose my ability to see. It’s this agony as my brain tries to wrap itself around what is, at this time, the stupidest goddamn thing I’ve read in my entire life.

Mind Blown

  What does this even have to do with anything? Basically I’m being told to just fuck it all, why bother? Obviously there is no better place to reach because the nature of supply and demand will lead to the inevitable enslavement of some people or the raping of some lands.

  Really? Sure, there is no data to back this claim, but it was damn easy for them to say. It makes me wonder why someone would even type it? Are you expecting discourse? Where do you go when your comment is basically “End Game.”

  My brain almost immediately gets angry when I’m confronted with these sort of comments. When I was in college there was a group of people that I can only generously call mentally competent, you may have had a group like them at your college, this is that group who puts up pictures of aborted fetuses and tells you that “If you make it illegal nobody will do it anymore and the problem will be fixed.”

  Sure that’s stupid, that’s really stupid and ignores a ton of problems. But even that was not as stupid as this, when I talked with those people I was mostly disappointed in them for being so closed minded. But at least they tried, the people I talked to actually tried to throw numbers at me and they explained why they thought it would get better.

  While sure making things illegal just makes them dangerous and doesn’t curb demand at all, sure this ignores the much more productive method of finding out why people are getting abortions rather than reactively trying to make them difficult to get, and sure at the base of all this their entire display was built because it conflicted with a religious text and didn’t reflect their own personal conclusions.

  All these things bothered me (and I would even argue that the last one is a personal quirk, I’m sure some folks feel that religious conclusions are valid and I’m not going to shit on the possibility), but they still didn’t start with a “You can’t possibly be right.” Liner.

  Not one of them said “If you don’t make it illegal it can never be fixed, period.”

  Because why even talk at all? If all you want is to shit all over how naïve other people are (a word he used in his equality chirp) then why bother? They are obviously too damn stupid to grasp your genius. Just pack up your life and go on autopilot, there is no way you’ll be able to guide the sheep that operate human vessels around you.

  One my vision returns I feel this tweak on the frontal lobe of my brain. From what I’ve read the frontal lobe is used to choose between the best and worst ways to respond to an event. My guess is that I’m being hit with something so profoundly outside of my realm of understanding that my brain is overheating.

  I’m basically being confronted with military grade stupid shit. In fact, I think I might have been able to grasp it better if it had been worded as some positing. Perhaps suggesting that you can’t have X, Y, and Z because it seems like Q, R, and S cannot be overcome. Something that suggests that there is room for discourse.

  It’s the certainty that I’m hit with these things.

  Another great example, of which you might find some irony because of the above*, is when you write a single innocuous line and are hit with a mile long retort. Lets say you say something like “I’m not really a fan of Pizza.” The next 900 lines is someone raging on you for your hatred of Italians or of New York, etc, and beyond.

  Where the shit did this all come from? The humor behind this whole damn thing is that they could have just asked if any of this stuff they felt was implied actually was implied. This is especially damning on any source where people can vote on your commentary. It’s much easier to flip the shit out instead of just being cordial.

  That’s the part that gets me the most after it is all said and done, that’s the thing that eats away at my brain. Why the hell can’t people just be cordial? How hard is it to be curious, to be interested, and to be hopeful? I’ve been running this ship for many years now and it works pretty damn well for me, would be nice if a few other people would jump on board. The nice thing is that for the vast majority of people I suspect they wouldn’t have to change their life one bit and it would reduce the conflicts they come up to.

  I know I do, these things are so rare, perhaps that’s why they impact me so bad. It’s like getting hit by a cannon ball. Rare as all heck but you don’t forget, presuming you survive it at all. Hoping my own brain can take it the next time it hits.

Stupid Cannon


*The subtle difference being that I was saying what they actual wrote instead of just inferring it.

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