The Themes of Video Games (Initial Thoughts)

//The Themes of Video Games (Initial Thoughts)

The Themes of Video Games (Initial Thoughts)

This won’t be anything comprehensive, it is late and I’m quite tired already. But I was just thinking about themes for games. One of the themes that I end up on a lot is space games. I was thinking “darn” when it first came to my mind but then my thoughts scuttled forth a bit further. Well of course lots of things would be about space, effectively everything is space. If the universe is infinite, the Earth is some small number over infinity. Technically you can’t do that, but if you imagined some number functionally infinitely large and divided any small number from it, you’d basically have 0.

Almost nothing in our universe is the Earth. So even if basically all future games were made about space we’d still not be oversaturated.

A lot of games are food themed as well. You can find a metric ton of them on the mobile store. But what is one of the only things that connects us all? Sure you could argue language, and I’m not saying there is not much, but food really does have a universal appeal. You could take two people who hate almost everything about one another but it wouldn’t be surprising if they found foods in common that they both love.

I’m not entirely sure at the moment what this says about war games. But I do like to think that war has only place in the world and that is in games.

Anywho, sometime soon I’d like to write about this further. For today I’ll just meander off.

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