The Two-Way Road of Business

//The Two-Way Road of Business

The Two-Way Road of Business

  In business there is a very good reason that companies use form letters and unimpassioned messages to their consumer base. The average consumer is jaded, there is a belief that every business is designed to do little more than predate on them. This created the self fulfilling prophecy that most consumers despise.

  If you have worked in retail, you have likely experienced this first hand.

  Any business that shows humanity, takes personal time for their letters, and uses casual tones will find themselves more often taken advantage by people who misconstrue their words. A legally approved form letter creates a near certainty that your words will be concise and cannot be used against you.

Reciprocate  We expect from business that they will do evil, we give them no incentive to not do so, then we lament it once they do. The consumer should act exactly as they expect to be acted upon, if you wish to visit businesses with friendly and lively people, you need to also be friendly and lively.

  If you visit a business with malice and sarcasm, you deserve nothing else in return.

  Just some thoughts, seeing as soon I’ll be dealing with a customer service issue with my internet and the furthest thing from my mind is strangling the first person I talk to (well not entirely true, worldwide genocide and many other things are even further, but in relation to the topic at hand it is the furthest in spirit).

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