The Vacation–Part 3: To the Sea!

//The Vacation–Part 3: To the Sea!

The Vacation–Part 3: To the Sea!


  Once we had finished up the disappointment that was PAX we had a restishful (it’s a word…or will be someday) night’s sleep and woke up early once again to make our way to the Cruise Ship. The ferry across was the buffer, prepping us for our 7 day journey across the 1 Sea, also a few offshoots off that Ocean and probably a big lake or two. I didn’t really keep track, it is more or less a big wet rolling surface. The terminology is just OCD laden semantics.


  As we got closer to the smell city of Seattle, a description that will not confound you once you visit, we saw the big boat that would be our Shepard, or horse…or some form of locomotion or motivation. Who knows…sea train? Sure, let’s roll with that.

(That’s a big ass train.)

  It was stationed at Dock 66, which is something like a Mile away from the Ferry Docks. I figure if people can make the drive down Route 66 we could make the walk down to Dock 66. What we didn’t count on was everyone in the city sucking at walking.

  I know this might be future talk, but I’ve always thought we should walk like we drive. Stay on the right side of the walkway relative to the direction you are walking. This would resolve most of the congestion in malls, sidewalks, walkways, parkways, etc etc. I’m somewhat tired of a wall of people walking in the opposite direction of me, people complain about congestion but they do nothing to relieve it. So yeah, back to the story.

  We made our way to the boat, tired, hot, and luggaged. After a bit of confusion with lots of people just sitting around with no idea where or why they were there, we found our way to the area to get onto the boat. Had our bags handed off, watched folks try to cut in lines like the cutters they are and finally transitioned onto the mega boat before us.

  The first order of business on the boat was to reserve some diners for later. That way we wouldn’t have to wait for a million years to get into the place. Once that was done we made our way to one of the free diners on the ship known as “The Aqua” or perhaps “Le Aqua” or something fancy, I seem to recall Aqua being in the name. Turns out it was Versailles.

  Keep in mind the following experience is in a part of the boat they don’t charge for, the entire thing is included in the cost.

  We got a seat almost immediately, a man walked over (very nicely dressed) and handed us the menus. Within a minute our waters were filled and filled nearly after every sip for the rest of our 30 or so minutes there. We first had our appetizers, I got a portebello mushroom. It was singular, resting in a sea of sauce. Very tasty, human sized portion, I liked it because it was an appetizer that didn’t fill me up like anywhere else in the US. I had always wondered why they called them appetizers and didn’t call them “Fillers”. It’s made for multiple people you say, I’ve never found that sweet spot where you bring enough people to make it just an appetizer. But I digress.

  After the tasty mushroom I had my main meal, a bacon cheeseburger. It was tasty, well cooked, all the toppings on it were delicious and the bread was fantastic. After this I had some fancy vanilla bean jello thing. I dunno what it was, I may not want to know…but it was tasty and went down a bit minty.

  We had been eating at, what we thought would be, the slower restaurant because we had been quoted multiple hours from our arrival (11 AM) to our rooms opening (2PM), turns out they were done at something like 12:30 or 1. So we were able to go straight from the diner to our room.

  Our inlaws had bought some honeymoon package, so we were greeted by cake, alcohol, and a very adorable room decoration setup.


  The balloons were wisely taped to the ceiling which saved us from having a hell storm of plastic and gas when we opened the balcony door to the room. The bed has two separate mattresses with foam in the center, it is nice because it seemed to eliminate any motion from restless sleeping, made it easier to conk out (not that that would be a problem given all the exercise from walking around the ship or from outings).

  By this time every mother over 40 is utterly plastered. The top of the boat is covered in older women who have drank every alcohol laden beverage on the ship. They are dancing like wild amazons and hollering at anything with a pulse.

  These drunk ladies would be sequestered into separate sections all over the ship shortly because we have a mandatory safety briefing. They tell us where the life boats are, how to wear a life vest, and then ask us some questions. I will relay my favorite one:

Q: Is anyone here from Central or South America.

A: (From Woman in the Crowd) I’m from Texas!

  It was our first introduction to one of the top folks on the boat, a British man by the name of “Sugar.” He was very funny and that, beside the room, and the food, had really hinted to us that it was going to be a good day.

  The ship would set sale sometime later, I believe around 4PM, not that the specifics matter. I’m not fond of the rocking of boats but it was almost unnoticeable on the way out of Seattle.

  We would spend the next 24 hours, probably closer to 36, on the water. It is currently the first birthday I’ve ever had that was from the first second to the last, completely on a boat.

  Other than being lazy, part of my birthday was spent at La Cuchina, one of the “premium” restaurants on the ship. I can’t honestly remember what I had, Liz tells me a Tortellini, but I do recall being very happy. The service was fast, friendly, the food was delicious, and the wait was nonexistent.

  I had to dress up in a suit for it, but it wasn’t all that bad. The problem with being my size is that unless you get something fitted you look like a beggar in borrowed clothing. Which at times I suppose is not far from the truth.

  Part 4 comes tomorrow and will cover the wonderful world of Ketchikan, why is it wonderful? Because we stayed on the boat and got massages. Were they good? Were they bad? Did either of us die?! STAY TUNED!

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