The Vacation–Part 4: “Massages Spassages”

//The Vacation–Part 4: “Massages Spassages”

The Vacation–Part 4: “Massages Spassages”

  Today’s update will be a little short I imagine and will discuss what happened while all the other folks were off in Ketchikan. This particular area had nothing of interest to us for outings so we decided to use up our Massage Coupon to get our relax on.

  The process was fairly simple, the Spa happened to be a couple minute walk from our door, which would be a welcome blessing for the rest of the cruise. We walked down, filled out paperwork that said we didn’t have super aids nor any sort of clinical conditions that would cause us to explode if someone touched our spine. Lawyers and illness, a stressful combination for people who work hands on with other people.

  They took us into a room that smelled quite nice and told us “Strip and get under the towels, we will give you some privacy.” I presume they left the room to go watch on a CCTV somewhere else, but perhaps that’s because movies and television have tainted my soul.

  We slipped under the sheets, they came in and turned on the jams. Some relaxing music to help us relax, I’m very bad at this however. I spent much of the massage thinking about my story, the area we were in, how delightful it was to be 3,225 miles (by car) from my job. To know that I had no internet access and limited phone service was fluttering threw my mind like a monarch butterfly.

“Hey buddy…you got no phone service.”

  Occasionally my masseuse (a word I nearly spelled correctly before autocorrect) would hit a hard spot in my muscles and I’d feel her arm skip like a car hastily traversing speed bumps, each time a reminder of all the stress that had been building up in my person over the last year.

  The very end of the massage involved getting our neck and shoulders massaged. Our eyes were already covered, I presume so we didn’t stare up into their nose as they worked, but even so when she pressed on my shoulders I felt a pop and swear I went blind for a moment.

  By the end of it I was very sore but I felt quite good. They then had to explain to us acidosis and give us the sales pitch for some 90 thousand dollar oils that had been hand squeezed from space gerbils. We turned them down, I felt bad because their presentation was good, however I don’t have the money for such oils.

  While we were gone our stateroom aid had taken care of cleaning up in our wake. We would meet her many times over the trip and, to spoil in advance, she was fantastic the entire time. Very nice, remembered our names, hers was Nancy. See I remember names sometimes.

  At any rate, we walked in to find something surprising and adorable waiting for us.


  It was adorable and actually quite well thought out. The towels had been shaped into swans, swans that were making a heart, and even their tail feathers had been designed differently to symbolize a male and a female.

  I was surprised and we tried to keep them alive for as long as we could, moving them carefully around the room as we opened bags, sat down, or slept.

  Each time she cleaned she’d leave us something new and adorable and each time we would try to keep it alive.009

"We watched as this one aged over the next few days, ears drooping and face sagging.”

  The bunny was another welcome surprise and very adorable. It survived 2-3 days before it was scuttled to make way for a surprise that managed to sneak in during the short time we had left to eat some days later.


“How she made it so quickly is irrelephant, because it was there.”

  Over the coarse of the day in Ketchikan we relaxed, watched the sea, played on our tablets, and ate. It was a nice day, a relaxing day, a day where the magnetic pull of work life could not seep into my personal time. I welcomed it, I enjoyed it, and as I write about it I miss it.

  We have become too easily connected these days. I do like a time where you could leave work and be utterly immaterial till you returned. Now everyone expects emails, phone calls, and status updates. It’s important to stop and smell the roses, or to perhaps enjoy the intricate art of towel folding.

  Next Update: Juneau where we went next?

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