This week was a bell curve of sorts.

//This week was a bell curve of sorts.

This week was a bell curve of sorts.

The week is over, has been for a few days now. But I need to catch up on posts. So I’ll talk about my week in short order. Basically this was one of those weeks with a lot of tasks needing to be completed in a short amount of time. It started out feeling alright, things kinda working out. And then a series of confusing surprises lead to a really pour tuesday and wednesday. It was really wearing me thin. By Thursday I was almost miserable, finding myself butting up against the wall while I tried to keep my relaxed attitude for this year. I faltered a bit and found myself fairly annoyed/upset with surprises. It wasn’t until Friday that things started to shape up. The project I’m on at work started to get back in order on Friday and I finally felt a bit better. There was a possibility of coming in on the weekend but I’m uncertain of what that would have accomplished for my project.

This coming week I’m going to start refactoring the code so that there is less randomness, less obfuscation, and just generally a more obvious flow. I honestly feel like everything should be written like it’s going to be handed off to a stranger tomorrow. Comments are handy, especially those that provide tooltips to functions. I’m going to do my best on Monday and Tuesday to get that in full swing so that this project is sturdy and easy to move through.

Some things won’t be changeable, because ultimately their integrated too deeply into the core of the project which I am not touching. I’m all about changing things I understand and the validation code written by one of our resident professionals is something I don’t feel comfortable poking into (nor do I need to, it works, that’s all that matters imo).

So that’s that. My week started off great, quickly disintegrated, and ended alright.

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