Thought Experiment ~ Building a Better Artificial Gravity.

//Thought Experiment ~ Building a Better Artificial Gravity.

Thought Experiment ~ Building a Better Artificial Gravity.

One of my favorite recent discoveries on YouTube was covering artificial gravity in Sci-Fi. You can catch it below. Once you’ve finished I’m going to talk about what I think might be an even better solution. Possibly.

You back? Yes? No? Well I’m just going to start talking and when you get back you can read this. I was thinking about gravity, obviously, since I just wrote about it already in the last week. But what IS gravity functionally? It’s something that pulls you towards something else, that something else generally being recognized as the source of the gravity. That’s not literally the correct answer and I’m sure Physicists would lose their shit if they read it. But, at the loosest sense, it’ll work for our discussion. What we need then is something that will pull you towards something else.

Obviously that something else would be the ship you are on. Artificial worlds or ring worlds already have mass or rotation on their side. I want to use something other than rotation which got me thinking about magnetism. People aren’t all that magnetic, we’ve levitated rats with very powerful magnets but its just not a really feasible thing. Interestingly if Magneto wanted to be a villain he could wreck shit proper. He’s far more powerful than comic book writers give him credit.

But perhaps through the wonders of electromagnetism we could connect people through their uniforms to the ground. Astronauts tend to strap themselves to the things they are working out on to simulate gravity. This would follow along the same basic idea. The floor itself would not be evenly magnetic along all paths because that just wouldn’t really work. Instead it would “move” localized magnetic fields around with the person or objects that should be held to the ground. This would interact with your uniform (a mixture of active and passive magnetic fabric) to give you the “sensation” of weight.

As long as this pulling force compressed your spine I would think that you’d get all the perks and bone density of a person living on a planet. I don’t know how this would impact the bone density of your neck and skull however. Perhaps incentive to wear a fancy space hat?

This might not work everywhere. Perhaps rooms that are sensitive to magnetism (as I know current electronics don’t much appreciate it) would not have magnet supported “gravity”. Or possibly they’d be shielded with something like a faraday cage.

I’m not sure but it’s just a thought on my mind. Presumably you could use this method to create convincing gravitation on very small vessels without the need of magical materials or incredible rotational speed.

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