Thoughts about the [unlikely] End Times

//Thoughts about the [unlikely] End Times

Thoughts about the [unlikely] End Times


The End Times  I think I’ve mentioned it before but I’m not convinced we’ll ever succumb to nuclear war. I could potentially see a group of extremists creating a dirty bomb or something similar, but the idea that anyone with the capability to construct a nuclear weapon and the psychosis to actually use it seems relatively preposterous.

  But, you might say, the US has used not one but two of them on populated cities. This is indeed true, but this was prior to anyone really grasping the horrors these unleash on people. The people who did it are not innocent, it was a despicable thing and if they never got another night of solid rest that would be the least they deserve.

  It’s the fallout from the incident, and more importantly the Cold War, that really shines light on just what is at stake. If you fire nuclear arms at your neighbor it doesn’t become merely a matter of you and your neighbor, there is damage done (emotional at the least) to any other nearby countries. Further if you are very close to one another (small nations) you might douse your own people in radiation.

  There are also people in major nations with large stockpiles of nuclear arms that would really like to stay alive. They have money, they have power, and they’ve got followings. These are people that have a lot to live for and aren’t quite believing that something better is waiting for them on the other side.

  I would suspect, that if any country does foolishly try to fire nuclear arms, especially in the middle east, they’ll see a hellfire rained down upon them like nobody could believe. It seems likely that all major powers in the region would want to end the conflict immediately, because what do you gain from waiting?

  They;’ll eventually build more and they will likely use those to bully their next target. I would hope that the attack would only be on the leadership, but I suspect it would be more broad as nations appear incapable of just killing the instigators.

  While I’m not going to go into it deeply, I suspect climate change will be similar. Damage will be done, it will be quite sad and in retrospect our generation and probably another following us will look absolutely moronic. But before the end and unstoppable damage occurs I suspect we’ll see repair.

  It’s just a matter of convenience for this side of the problem, we need the next great convenience to hit for the consumer. Where the car replaced the horse, and the light bulb replaced the candle, we now need something clean and efficient to replace our modern dirty conveniences.

  Just some thoughts.

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