Thoughts on WoW: Legion

//Thoughts on WoW: Legion

Thoughts on WoW: Legion

The new expansion for wow was announced today. I can’t say that it got me deeply excited but it was certainly not bad. I’m going to discuss my feelings on what was announced a bit and then why I’m hesitant to get too excited.

The new Demon Hunter class is pretty cool sounding. Of all the things that were announced I think this is the thing that excites me most. Realistically this new class is moot if the actual content is boring. The best car in the world isn’t worth a darn if it doesn’t have any fuel or places to be driven. This is something that folks have wanted and it allows people to basically be one of the most popular characters in Blizzard History, Illidan.

Quite a few people have noted that every single new class that has been added is a Melee class. This is true and is actually a bit strange. Especially when you consider there was nothing stopping monks from having ranged and melee versions of DPS. They did it with Druids (and only Druids, I suppose, no other class is all 4 types).

The new zones sound promising. Obviously we don’t know how good they’ll be until we get there. I am optimistic about them and do expect the quality to be there. The problem is that they’ll be basically pointless if they rush us to level 110. Which is going to be the new level cap. These tiny level raises are unfortunate only because they put all the “real game” at the end of it and basically punish anyone that doesn’t consume their content as fast as humanly possible. Perhaps this time will be different, I’d like to think so.

The new Artifact weapons are cool. You’ve got 5 different types for every specialization, and I’m told that you can also change the color of each one. These weapons will level up with you as you accomplish certain tasks it sounds like. The biggest reveal from this cool new feature is that Hunters may be getting a Melee Spec (Survival might be changing). If this is true that’s cool and gives hope that someday they might spread the love and make a few melee specs that nobody really uses into ranged. Personally I’d love to see them go wild and make Unholy DK more of a mini arthas. Summoning lots of little undeads like the necromancers from Diablo 2.

There will be a lot of lore figures addressed in this expansion. Is what it is, happens every time. It might be great, it might not, lord knows that the gear they’ve put on some of them so far is horrendous. But I figure I’ll like it. I’ve only had a few gripes with their stories over the last decade or so. Pretty good track record.

Garrisons sound like they’ll be dropped for the new “Class Orders”, weird sounding halls where everyone of your class hangs out and talks about chicks or something. Or dudes, or both, I don’t judge. Apparently you’ll be given tasks to go out on the town for your class. How this will jive between classes is yet unknown, my Wife and I usually play complimentary classes. It’ll be a shame if this system doesn’t work well with that reality.

If the dungeons they’ve mentioned are all at launch they might have more dungeons at launch than Warlords has seen across its entire lifespan. That’s pretty cool, again I’ll remain skeptical until I actually see it all. Most of them sound neat from the little summaries I can find. Fighting on a ghost ship is all sorts of awesome. I really like the Grimrail Depot dungeon, I would like to see more like it. I’d have also liked there to have been a flippin’ train system going between all the areas of draenor alongside the flying system. How cool would it have been to rocket along the map on a train?!

The arrival of something of substance involving the Emerald Dream, even if it is via the Emerald Nightmare, is good news. I think a lot of people are interested in this and it should make for a good segue into the following expansion. I’m guessing that we’ll go into the nightmare and end up unlocking the dream. Some great beasty will go into the dream and try to absorb all its power for themselves. This will force our hand and we’ll need to rush in after it. We’ll see if that’s correct with time, I could be way off.

Something about PVP and a new talent system. I don’t PVP so this is dead news to me. But I’ve been told it interesting.

Now we get to the point where this expansion reminds me of the teaser promo for Star Wars 7. I don’t quite share the enthusiasm that other people have for either thing because they show a lot of promise but do not have the pedigree lately to garner my trust. If this expansion ends up being nice and beefy, something like Wrath of the Lich King, then I’ll be a very happy guy. But I fear that most of what they’ve shown has been a bit too abstract. I get that more information will be coming over the next months and as it does I’ll probably get more and more excited. But for now I can’t help but worry that this expansion will be just as beautiful but ultimately empty as Warlords has been.

I’ll be super duper happy if I end up wrong and it totally blows me away. Everything I’ve mentioned has the potential to be really really cool.

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