Thunderstorms and Lightning, Very Very Frightening.

//Thunderstorms and Lightning, Very Very Frightening.

Thunderstorms and Lightning, Very Very Frightening.

Today we are experiencing a tropical storm, apparently. I forget the name, Dolores or something like that. I woke up at 9:13 this morning which caught me off guard. By the time 3PM rolled around I felt like my entire day was done. It would be another 7 hours before I start writing this. Currently Liz and I are toying with layouts for my little game idea. Whether or not it’ll be good is up for debate. However it is kind of fun to deal with the difference of scale between a computer monitor and a mobile phone. I’m just getting the hang of the unity UI system. I can’t decide if I hate it or like it yet. Sometimes when it works I have a great time, then other times it doesn’t and I want to obliterate it.

Sweet Jesus. The things I do to keep things contained and organized...

Sweet Jesus. The things I do to keep things contained and organized…

I’m sure that a big part of it is that I’m just not using it correctly. This is one operation that I’ve not needed to handle in my work life. As such I’m not well versed in how everything interacts. Rects in general cause me great pain. I think for my next game if I don’t need any clever button animations I’ll just stick with in world things. Or maybe by that time I’ll be good enough to handle it all painlessly. Certainly once I know it better I’ll be making a guide for it. The content I’ve found so far has been painfully lacking.

Iteration is king but it is important to know when to back down. I have a project going at work that I’m likely to stash when I return on Monday. I can see that it’ll be more hassle than it is worth during a time crunch. It is better to have code that works, but looks a little messy, than to have code that doesn’t work, but looks nice. This might seem obvious but if you’ve spent any time trying to make things you’ll see yourself going down a deep rabbit hole with these kind of things.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Waking up early means that I’m also considerably more tired than normal at this time. This is extra beneficial because we’ll be seeing Ant Man tomorrow morning. Wake up early enough and nobody that is rude enough to talk during a film will be awake.

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