Tired ramblings of an exhausted mind.

//Tired ramblings of an exhausted mind.

Tired ramblings of an exhausted mind.

I hate when I write things and then end up losing them. Some kind of pointless timeout occurs. The error that WordPress gives you is fantastic. “Are you sure you want to try this?” What kind of question is that? Ultimately no matter what you say the whole of your work will be lost. Though what was written was hardly of value.

Just as with my original attempt I am writing this with my eyes closed. Exhausted, my head resting on my arm. I do these daily updates, some large, many small, to try and keep some rhythm going in my life. I try to find ways to keep moving and to perhaps keep engaged with something. I don’t know what. Man…this is a good rest. Just lying here. One of our cats has stolen my chair. I’m writing from the floor with outstretched arms. A bit like a flu patient weakly reaching for another spoonful of soup.

Red lines likely whizzing out from beneath the scribbles that, at least in my head, are complete words. I remember in some art classes where they’d have you draw with your eyes closed. What I thought I was making would be so exciting and fresh. Then I’d open my eyes and find this muck across my page. Lines darting through lines and a general misshapenness to the entire thing.

It was good. Appropriate. Those drawings were likely the closest thing to an honest piece of art that I’ve ever made. I do hope to get back to that. To step passed this fatigue that eats away at me. We’ll see. We’ll see if this post even makes it anywhere. If wordpress will allow it beyond the draft.

Perhaps a copy and paste is in order.

Four errors. That wasn’t too bad. I opened my eyes to an immediate sneeze. Fantastic, now I’ve got a headache.

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